5 Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Projector

Many people buy projectors for a variety of reasons which may range from offering student-friendly classroom lectures to making a workplace presentation. The quality of any project becomes enhanced when it is accompanied by proper visual aids and sound explanations. When it comes to buying the right projector, it may become something of a difficult task for a novice who has no technical know-how.

It would be wise to have a look at this following piece of writing to determine what should be the points that are to be kept in mind while purchasing the perfect projector for your personal or office use.


1. Brightness and Clarity

The projector is conventionally used in a large, well-lit space. So it would be prudent to buy a projector that offers adequate brightness and clarity while in use. Brighter colours and better contrast provide greater interest to the spectators and brings out the true meaning of a presentation, especially when you are dealing with children or business colleagues.

When people view images and videos of higher quality they are bound to become more attentive and make your effort a success with the projector. Specially crafted projectors can provide up to thrice the normal brightness available in standard projectors. So keep calm and choose wisely.

2. Ease of Use

If you are due for an important meeting and start fumbling through the control cables halfway through it, you are in big trouble. No matter how tech-friendly you may be, a console that is easy to use is always preferred to a complicated device. So always opt for a projector device with control buttons and possible wireless setup.

User-friendly projector models are quite available at large in the market and come at affordable prices. If you do decide to buy a wireless model, make sure you are comfortable with handling it because user experience is an important factor in this regard.

3. Resolution

The greatest parameter after clarity and price that determines the purchase value of a projector is its resolution value. In digital terms, the resolution deals with the quantity of data to be displayed on the screen any time. The quality of images on the screen depends largely on the resolution of the projector as well as the resolution of the device connected to the projector itself.

Hence it would only seem logical so as to buy a higher resolution device. Remember that and you will have a large number of options in the market to select one from them.

4. Size

Like the heading says,  shape and size do matter. Portability is important when it comes to providing the best demonstration. Nowadays, compact projectors are being manufactured which are small enough to fit in the pocket and nobody would even know that you are carrying one.

When you have the stuff  stored in your smartphone, notebook, camera, tablet or some other memory device, the best pico projectors in the market are here to serve you. The size and quality of the images no longer depend on the bulk of  the heavy console we have been accustomed to until now, but rather on your customized and relevant needs.

5. Lamp Life

Be sure that your purchase comes with long-lasting lamps if you are planning to use it for a longer period than for conventional purpose. This refers to home theater owners who would be smart enough to do this and avoid investing money in replacement lamps frequently. Normal lamps have a shelf life of about 2000 to 3000 hours ( in other words, roughly 84- 125 days).

But the ground fact which most of us tend to ignore is that the slightest drop in brightness means getting a replacement. Hence it is important to make sure that your lamp serves you for a substantial period before burning itself out.


When you go out to buy a projector be sure to keep in mind the factors  discussed here and you will most certainly make the best purchase in your budget. So keep calm and go get yourself the best there is.

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