Top Tips to Buy the Outdoor LED Display

Outdoor LED display screens play a significant role in making advertising efforts successful. They have become the essence of time since most of the businesses now prefer digital advertising, which is not effective until it is played on a good quality LED display. Though, if you want to buy LED screen  from manufacturer for any other purpose, you can still get it. All you need to do is to consider a few important factors and results will come out as per your expectations.

From pixel resolution to price, display life, playback content and pre/post repair facilities, you must evaluate the importance of each feature and identify your requirements. This way, your search options will be limited and you don’t have to face any confusion. So, let’s move ahead and know some tips on how to come up with the right outdoor LED display:

1. Know the purpose

You have to start by finding out why do you need an outdoor LED display. You have to consider the aspect ratio with respect to the content to be displayed in the form of graphics or text. For video content, the aspect ratio has to be 4:3 or near to it while the ideal ratio is usually 16:9.


2. Be careful about viewing angle and visual distance

For long-distance visibility, an outdoor LED display needs to have strong light and ultra-high brightness so that the audience can view the content clearly.

3. Customer design and shape (if needed)

While there are standard shapes and designs for LED screen, you can even customize them according to the building or area they will be placed. for the Spring Festival Gala and the 2008 Olympic Games, LED screens were customized with the latest LED technology to achieve perfection in visual effects.

4. Energy efficiency and safety features

Apart from brand factors, screen quality, after-sales services and selection criteria, energy consumption and safety options are also worth considering. Since you cannot afford to pay high electricity bills or install low quality holders/ racks that might fall on the passersby, it is necessary to invest a bit high at once. Yes, it is a one-time investment that will keep you safe from many serious incidents.

5. Conditions for installation should be favorable

Make sure to choose industrial circuit chips whose operating temperature varies between -40oC and 80o This range of temperature is ideal to keep the outdoor LED display best from operating as the temperature falls in winter. Also, you should also take the ventilation equipment so that the screen’s temperature remains in control i.e. from -10oC to 40oC. Even, you have this option to install an axial fan at the back of the screen so that it can dispose off heat when it goes beyond the limit.

6. Resolution should be selected as per the need

There is a common misconception that people should only buy LED screen with high resolution. What they do not know is that high resolution refers to the placement of multiple LEDs at one place. Transparent screens are usually chosen for it and turn out to be quite expensive that a few people can afford. So, the reality is you just have to focus on what you need as well as the type of content you will display. This information will help you to figure out which model could handle the job.

Now that you have some of the best and effective tips to buy LED screen, there should be no issue to proceed with your decision. Though, if you need more assistance, it’s better to take help either from your local service provider or led display manufacturer experts, such as Kris Liang from DOIT VISION,10+ years’ experiences in LED display industry, these team designed a lot of popular and high brightness, weather resistance  outdoor LED screen successfully used for all kind of outdoor advertising and events.

Salman Zafar

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