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How 3D Printers Have Made the Life of Teachers Easy

This is the age of technology. Science is introducing us with new things day by day that is extremely helpful to us. Technology has changed our standard of living. Nowadays we are surrounded by machines that are preparing fantastic and interesting things for us that not only facilitate us but also entertain us in a different way. 3D printing is one of these interesting inventions.

3D Printer UK

Everything has pros and cons. Although the 3D printing technology has different disadvantages, overall it has revolutionized and sped up the life of everyone. Each and everyone has somehow has been affected due to the arrival of 3-dimensional printers. It has uplifted the entire professions dramatically such as education, medical sciences and industrial manufacturing. It has improved and changed the entire educational process but as for now, we specify our discussion to how 3D printers have made the life of teachers easy.

Why a teacher should use a 3D printer?

Like other amazing equipment, 3D printer is gaining a lot of interest in the field of education. The 3D printer is known as “a new catalyst for learning”. It is very much important for teachers to use it in the classroom. Now, the question arises is that why a teacher should use a 3D printer in the classroom? Here are five different and simple reasons to use a 3D printer by a teacher in the classroom.

  1. Students can touch and interact with what they are learning.
  2. Students should be prepared for new activities with 3D models.
  3. Create your own classroom rewards.
  4. Make your classroom a place that students look forward to.
  5. For an academic purpose.
  6. It helps teachers to reach a level of student engagement.

Benefits of a 3D printer for teachers

According to a report of the Department for Education (DFE), 3D printers are offering a large number of benefit for teachers while using this machine in the classroom. 3D printers cost has become very low, so anyone can utilize them for learning purpose.

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Here are some benefits of using a 3D printer in the classroom:

  1. To inspire a new generation: For a teacher, a 3D printer is one of the best tools to inspire a new generation that is interesting in learning STEM. This could be done by combining problem-solving skill that results in creativity and innovation.
  2. It makes learning active: Teachers know that students are more interested in experiments and application. They learn very quickly and easily by doing and interacting rather than reading a book or listening to a lecture. With the help of a 3D printer, a theoretical concept can be changed into reality. For example, students of biology can create an anatomical heart. This will be very interesting and an academic step for students.
  3. It encourages students to understand real-world: It is very much easy for teachers to describe the real world. With the help of a 3D printer, a teacher encourages his students to learn and see the real world. In this why they can change the context of a book into reality.
  4. To augment the educational process: It is an admitted fact that students cannot forget the spot where they have made any mistake. While using a 3D printer, if a student makes any mistake, the teacher will discuss these errors with that student and class. In this way, that student and his other class fellows would never repeat that mistake.
  5. Fire imaginations: Teachers can encourage the creative ability of students by 3D printing as 3D printers actually ignite young imagination.
  6. To help the student prepare for the future: We know that there is a life after student life that is called practical life. With the help of 3D technology, a teacher will make his student to innovate things. This ability will help the student in his practical life. In this way, we can say that, with the help of 3D printing, a teacher prepares his students for the future.
  7. To create new learning material: Due to a shortage of budget, if a school does not have sufficient supply of learning material, a teacher can produce that required amount of material with the help of a 3D printer.
  8. 3D printers are affordable: These machines are affordable because they are often cheaper than laptops and computers. That is why integrating a 3D printer in the classroom is affordable.
  9. Create interactive maps: Teachers can use a Balco 3D printer to design interactive maps. While using these manufacturing devices, teachers can build maps consisting of real-life modern cities.
  10. Create decorations: with the help of 3D printing technology, a teacher can teach his or her students, how to decorate their houses and classroom with decorative by using 3D printing.
  11. Recreation of real-life structure: the da Vinci 3D printer is not only helpful for science teachers but is helpful to teachers teaching history. While using 3D printing teachers can create world’s famous building like Taj Mahal and the Empire State of Building. Another impressive use of this technology is that teachers can recreate some historical building that was destroyed and ruined such as the Colosseum in its former glory and condition.
  12. Creation of human skeleton: while using a hp 3D printer, a teacher can create a human skeleton to teach his or her students. In this way, a teacher can easily deliver a lecture by pointing out the function and structure of the human skeleton.
  13. Creation on internal organs of the human being: A teacher can create a human body’s internal organs such as cells, tissues, and organs to explain them.
  14. Creation of endangering and instinct species of animals: the students of biology study about different species of animals. Some of them are endangered while others are instinct. One of the instinct species is dinosaurs. With the help of 3D technology, we can easily develop a structure dinosaur. In other words, we can say that we can bring back dinosaurs in the modern world.
  15. Tool for the job: 3D printing is providing an opportunity for students after completing their education and for teachers after getting retirement from their job.

In conclusion, 3D printing has a lot of significant educational benefits. Application and experiment of different things have made life easier for the next generations of students including engineers, architects, designers and creative. Through the 3D printing industry, both teachers and students can get a lot of benefits as it is equally suitable for both. This technology has changed the world of experiments. Now students and teachers are able to create 3D models of different things relating to every walk of life instead of 2-dimensional models.

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