Apps Every Student Should Have in 2022

Every generation of students insists that they are the most miserable ones – that the workload is insane, professors are ruthless, and there is no time for sleep, let alone any fun. And of course, every generation, in fact, has a better deal than the one before.

Take those lucky ones who will be in college in 2022 – online dictionaries in their phones instead of late evenings at the library, math apps that solve equations in a blink of an eye, and even research paper help online, if they can’t cope on their own. The important thing, however, is to equip yourself with the right tools and know where to look for help. That is why we created this quick list of apps every student should have on their phone in 2022.

1. Oxford A-Z of Grammar and Punctuation

Love it or hate it, you cannot do without grammar. This app gives a clear explanation of over 250 grammar and punctuation rules. In addition, it explains basic grammar terms such as “split infinitive”, “participle”, and “adverb” and offers special longer entries on a wide range of subjects, such as whether to use “may” or “might”, “that” or “which”, “it’s” or “its”, etc.

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It is a fully functional dictionary app as well, with word definitions and examples of word usage in natural English speech. This app also has advanced search tools and a translation feature, making it a great aid for international students.

2. Grammar Girl App

Grammar Girl is a blog and podcast that a few years ago was one of the ten most popular podcasts in the world. What made it so successful is a combination of solid knowledge presented with a sense of humor and fun facts.

Now Grammar Girl is also a mobile app. Unlike the web version, it’s ad-free and will give you bite-sized daily dose of linguistic wisdom, snarky and entertaining.

3. Evernote

Evernote is probably the most famous note-taking app there is and it has become an organizing and collaborative tool for teamwork and long-term planning. Millionaires and writers swear by it and there are courses that teach how to change your life with Evernote and become more productive.

Yet what is the best about Evernote that all this functionality doesn’t make it messy, cumbersome, and hard to use. Everyone can take whatever they need and just ignore the rest. For students, Evernote is perfect for working on big writing projects and keeping all the notes together with all the links, voice memos, pictures, and files. Moreover, Evernote’s system of notebooks, tags, and easy search makes it a perfect organizing tool. You will never lose a handout or an assignment sheet again!

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4. Office Lens

Office Lens is a cute little app from Microsoft and it turns your phone into a pocket scanner. If you need to save a piece of text from a book, a poster, a handout or even from a whiteboard, you just snap a picture of it. Office Lens will do the rest.

The app transforms an image file into an editable text file that can be copied, pasted, sent to your classmates or saved to a note app of your choice (there is an integration with Evernote, by the way).

5. Google Docs

Although Evernote offers a collaboration feature, it is only available in the paid subscription. That is why Google Docs are indispensable for college group projects. Cloud-stored, collectively accessible, with comments, history of edits, and different levels of access (view only, comments, comments and edits), this is a perfect tool to write a collective work or to keep information that your entire study group must have access to.


Since every edit is saved in the cloud, you can never lose your progress and will be able to access your work from any device. As a bereft owner of a burnt laptop, let me tell you that keeping your academic projects in a cloud is a very, very smart move.

That’s all for now. Are there any other must have apps for students you cannot do without? Let us and your fellow students know in the comments!

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