8 Top 3D Printed Tools to Make Your Home Greener

You probably never thought you would live to see the day that machines could make something out of nothing. New 3D printing is the latest craze in the engineering and tech worlds—and for good reason. From producing tiny parts to large-scale machinery, 3D printed tools are changing the world.

One of the greatest elements of 3D printing that has both scientists and engineers equally excited is how environmentally friendly they are. In an age where we are hyper-aware of the Earth’s declining health, coming up with intelligent ways to go green is a top priority. These 3D printed tools use less material, use less energy, and often use recycled 3D printing materials. Whether you already own a household 3D printer or want to get in on the 3D printing fun, these tools will save you time, and save the earth!

1. Hydroponic Plant Pot

Got a green thumb? A 3D printed hydroponic pot can be engineered with an open grid at the bottom to allow your plants to root while still comfortably holding growing materials like pumice and perlite. With Diamond Age Solutions’ Ivory PLA material, you can even recycle the pot when you’re done with it! Not only are these planter pots functional, but they are pretty charming too.

hydroponics system

2. Light Panel

Need a new and cool way to jazz up your bedroom setup? A colorful Nanoleaf Light Panel Replica is a brilliantly bright answer to your desire. Made with 10 connecting triangular light panels, this gorgeous display can be lit up with a number of beautiful hues. No matter what mood you’re in or what interior aesthetic you’re after, this 3D printed light panel is the perfect addition to any room in any home.

3. Vacuum Tools

Standard vacuums are usually pretty limited in terms of which angles they can get at, which makes trying to vacuum a corner or crevasse an absolute nightmare. Instead of scouring the depths of Sears or Wal-Mart to find the right-shaped nozzle heads to fit your vacuum, these customizable 3D vacuum tools are sure to suck up debris wherever you need them to.

4. Windmill

A 3D printed wind turbine is just about as green as it gets. These eco-friendly devices can even be attached to a small water pump to lift water into a feed system. Simply mounted on a vertical axis, a windmill will make a gorgeous addition to any porch or garden space, plus it’s an easy way to turn your home green!

5. Hex Key Handles

Anyone who has assembled furniture from Ikea knows that no assembly job is complete without a handy-dandy hex tool. Though the simplicity of these tools make storage a breeze, their lack of a real handle can make them difficult to operate. 3D printed handles for keys allow for a study grip for even the clumsiest of hands.

hex key handles

6. Lawn Sprinkler

Having a hose may do the job of watering your precious plants growing in your garden, but an attachable sprinkler head makes a world of a difference when it comes to water distribution. No more overwatering— even plant gets the exact amount of water they need!

7. Water Saving Turbine Faucet

You probably wouldn’t believe how much water is wasted when we keep our faucets on for too long. Optimize your water use efficiency by installing a 3D printed turbine faucet. Instead of a tradition drip faucet when water flows in a straight downward motion, this faucet splays the water out so watching your hands doesn’t take much maneuvering.

8. Security Camera Corner Box

Keeping your home safe and secure from any dangerous outsiders is every homeowner’s top priority. When security cameras are in plain sight and visible to the naked eye, smart thieves will know where they can be seen, and where they can’t.

Instead of giving them an in on your security coverage, conceal your corner cameras with a 3D printed bracket that hides the obviousness of your installed camera. It will make your camera look just like another part of your home!


The future is in the hands of people like you—searching for environmentally friendly, recyclable 3D printed tools that focus on the greener things in life!

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