7 Tips for Creating an Amazing Backyard

A wonderful backyard can add so many memorable moments for the residents and refine the exterior design of your house. It doesn’t matter if your backyard is big or small, with so many modern solutions like introducing an inventive backyard water fountain, will make it easy to achieve the landscaping goals in Dubai. And with these few tips for creating an amazing backyard, your outdoor area will finally get the astonishing look it deserves.

1. Create a Shaded Area

The backyard is intended to spend time there during the nice weather, but also to be comfortable while doing so. With pergola, you will get a stylish structure in your backyard and a perfect shade during summer days. Ceiling beams on pergola are ideal to hang some plants and let the vine climb and create green rooftop, but you can also use some canopy to create protection from rain.

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2. Design a Comfortable Seating Area

This year, it’s all about connecting interior and exterior areas and one of the ways to do so is by transferring the living space outside. Add a seating area in your backyard that will as comfortable as your living room and even build a fireplace to warm up the evenings. This will be a perfect spot to spend quality time with your family or entertain guests.

3. Install a Hot Tub

Times, when hot tubs were reserved only for wealthy, is gone, and today everyone can have this refreshing detail in their backyard. This is a perfect solution for smaller backyards and will certainly make your backyard very popular. And the best thing about hot tubs is that they’re also popular during winter and you can observe the snowfall from warm, bubbly water on your porch.

4. Add an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens have been in trend for a while now since they are perfect to cook in the summer for parties or fresh fruit products like jams. This structure doesn’t have to be big and if you place a retractable wall on the front it will be perfect to use during every season and weather condition. Add a barbecue to the outdoor kitchen and a wood-fired oven for pizza, and you will be good to go for parties and children birthdays.

There are millions of ways to build your dream outdoor kitchen and you will probably have lots of questions concerning the building process, the design and plenty of other building aspects. That’s why it will be helpful for you to know a thing or two about outdoor kitchen layouts before you actually start the building process.

5. Nicely Positioned Lighting

One of the most important elements of backyard ambience is LED lights for outdoor or solar-powered lights which will help you transform your place into an evening oasis. Place the lights along the pathways, on the porch and in all areas you intend to spend time like the seating area. Additionally, nicely positioned lighting in the garden will highlight its features and make beautiful plants visible even during the night.


6. Do Some Creative Gardening

Even the simplest gardening features can help you have an amazing backyard and enrich your outdoor space. Wildflowers are very trendy this year and will help you create a colourful and scented eco-friendly environment. If you want to have your garden blooming at night, plant jasmine or magnolia which will keep your garden flowery even in the evenings. Use mulch since it will fertilize the plants and prevents weeds, but it also has a very pleasant scent and is low-maintenance, unlike grass.

7. Use Bold Colors

Although flowers can help you create a colorful environment in your backyard, don’t stop there. Use cushions to embellish your seating area and even forgo pastels and choose earthy tones for upholstery like orange or red. Use differently coloured pots that will make the ambience joyful and playful, while a flamboyant colour of fruit ball or a vase can be a focal point in your exterior design.

Final Words

Take a good look at your backyard and think about what you would like to have there. Creating an amazing backyard is not so much about the size as is about finding perfect solutions and inspiration. And even the smallest spaces can turn into luxurious and spacious environments if you use the right ideas.

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