Things to Consider Before Buying Flowers to Your Coworker

Things to Consider Before Buying Flowers For Your Coworker

Getting gifts for coworkers can be a great way to strengthen a bond and show people that you care and are thinking of them. While there are many gifts that can be given to coworkers, a popular and common choice are flowers. They not only look great on a desk or a shelf, but also smell incredible. They also come in many styles and colors, to ensure you can find something they like and will enjoy putting on display.

However, there are some things that you should consider before getting flowers for a coworker. If not, it could be awkward or the flowers could end up doing more harm than good. Whether you are buying flowers online, or going to get some from a local florist, these are a few things you need to consider before buying flowers for a coworker.

1. Their Preferences and Allergies

Of course, the first thing to think about are the preferences and the allergies of the person you are giving a gift to. If you get someone a flower they don’t like, they will appreciate the gesture, but might not get much use out of the flower at all. Be sure to either ask them what kind of flowers they like, or get one based on the colors they enjoy or the scents they like.

There are also flowers that are bad for people with allergies, so you want to avoid these if at all possible. Also, it is a good idea to make sure no one else in the office has an allergy to flowers. The last thing you want is to bring in the flower to give it as a gift, only for half the office to get stuffy noses and irritated eyes.

Buying Flowers to Your Coworker

2. The Meaning of the Flower

While you might not have known this, there is a meaning behind your favorite flowers. Some symbolize love, others pride and some can even show sympathy. The language of flowers, floriography, adds meaning to dozens of different kinds of flowers.

It can’t hurt to do some research on these meanings and symbolizations and make sure you get flowers that signify your thoughts and feelings. Of course, while these meanings are a guideline, they don’t need to be taken as concrete truths. If someone likes a particular type or kind of flower that is normally reserved for showing sorrow or sympathy, it can be given in a happy situation, too.

3. Is it Appropriate?

Another thing to consider is whether the flowers are appropriate or not. Some situations are perfectly fine to give someone a bouquet of flowers, while another could be seen as inappropriate.

For example, giving some sympathy flowers to someone at work after the loss of a loved one is fine, but sending them to your office crush on Valentine’s Day certainly is not. Always think about the occasion and situation before ever sending anyone flowers. Also, don’t hesitate to ask management and ensure sending flowers at all is okay, as some companies may not allow it.

Things to Consider Before Buying Flowers to Your Coworker

Also, if you are going to send flowers to a particular coworker when they experience an event, you better be prepared to do the same for when another person goes through the same thing. You don’t want to pick and choose, and need to remain consistent or you could upset and/or alienate some people.

Workplace Etiquette for Flowers

These are three very important things to consider before buying flowers for your coworker. If the situation is appropriate, the flowers have the right meaning and the coworker isn’t allergic, gifting flowers can be a great way to show your coworker you care.

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