Top 5 Money-Saving Landscaping Tips

Those of us who own a garden and want to beautify it, have probably been for years avoiding to start any major landscaping projects. This is due to the fact that we (falsely) believe that this is a costly investment that will knock out thousands of dollars from our wallet. However, professional landscaping doesn’t have to cost a fortune if we learn a few useful money-saving tips that will help us get the look we want without overspending. If you too are wondering what these features are and how to install them, here are topmost 5 landscaping tips that most homeowners can afford.

1. A network of paths

If you are worried about the state of lawns in your backyard, then you have probably been avoiding threading upon them. This is actually a bad solution because you need to have accessibility to every corner of the garden, so you should look to create a network of narrow pathways in the garden. They should be wide enough only for one person to walk on, so you won’t lose a lot of lawn space. For more landscaping tips and tricks, visit

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The choice of materials can vary significantly, from old bricks to gravel. In essence, you can salvage any material you already have and use it to pave the pathways that will crisscross the garden.

2. Dropping a boulder

Theme gardens are nice and all, but a proper Japanese garden costs a lot of dollar bills to construct. However, you can install just some elements of it. A good solution that goes well with any open space is placing a large boulder. They will create a “mountainous” atmosphere in the backyard for little to no cost.

In reality, transport is going to be the only issue with placing a centrepiece boulder in your garden. If you are wise enough, perhaps a dump truck can be used not only to drive away from the waste from your garden but to roll in a boulder.

3. Decluttering

Clutter is not an issue that affects the interior of your house, as outdoor clutter has the potential to destroy the look of the prettiest of yards. This is the reason why cleaning and getting rid of all the debris is essential if you want to own a landscaped garden.

First of all, you need to create a pile of everything that you consider junk and secondly, you need to give all surfaces a thorough scrub. In some instances, an entire shed will go down, so all that junk will require a skip bin, like the ones A-line Movers rent, to be driven away. This is a much handier solution than making a dozen trips to the nearest dumpster on foot.

4. A white picket fence

In your eyes, fencing is probably only something that you erect around your property. This way, fencing can hardly be considered a landscaping feature but in fact, an inner fence can improve the look of the garden. You can fence off flowerbeds, the house, and even the aforementioned pathways.

Your garden will get a rustic look and you will spend hardly any money due to the fact that you can make a wooden fence from scrap food. All you have to do now is paint it white for the ultimate aesthetic appeal.

5. Let there be light

Once we mention lighting inside the garden, you will immediately think that this feature is way too expensive. Well, it needn’t be because you can always use alternative power sources.


For instance, the local DIY centre probably has a wide array of lampposts that are specifically designed for the garden. They are short but powerful, as these light sources are powered by solar panels. This means that they can be placed individually inside the garden to the location of your choice.

Bottom Line

We hope that by now you realize that backyard landscaping fairly easy and inexpensive. The 5 tips for landscaping backyard listed here are a great starting point for turning your backyard into an oasis of beauty, all the while spending as little money as possible. If you still consider turning to professional landscape services, opt for reliable companies that can guide you through the whole process and help you maintain the garden further, such as the Canadian company Paysagement Laval — an excellent example of expertise and trustworthiness.

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