How to Build an Effective Indoor Grow Room – 5 Steps

Finally, you have decided to have an indoor grow room. Congratulations. At last, you understand the power of having an indoor grow room. With an indoor grow room, you can conveniently and comfortably conduct your gardening activities. However, getting the process right is extremely important. Here is how to correctly build an indoor grow room:

Step 1

Step one involves finding a good setup space. Here, there are several options you can pursue. For instance, you can take your game to the spare room, garage, or ventilated store. Whichever space you choose, ensure that it’s enough to accommodate all the indoor grow room plants.

When designing a space, consider the following factors:

  • Enough space: Select a space that’s sufficient.
  • Power supply: Your grow room will require a power supply. You should ensure that it’s close to a power supply. However, you can install another power supply in your grow room. It should have adequate sockets, bulbs, and extension leads.
  • Water Source: Another important factor to consider is the water source. Plants will need more water. Ensure that there are taps within the grow room. This will make your work easy when it comes to watering your plants.
  • Noise: There will be a lot of systems in the grow room. They will come from pumps, lighting systems, and even fans. Ensure that you can cope with these noise issues in your home.


Step 2

When it comes to indoor grow room, the power of lighting cannot be underestimated. That’s why you need to choose the lighting wisely. Fluorescent lighting is the best choice for lighting an indoor grow room. Plus, pay close attention to the wattage you want to supply to your plants. If you are planting a large area, supply more wattage. On the other hand, smaller areas require lower levels of wattage.

Step 3

The third step involves choosing how your space will be configured. Options here include going for a tent, choosing an entire room, or employing cardboard within the room.

Ensure that the lighting environment is tight. Bring in reflective sheeting. Here is the reasoning behind this logic:

  • It will play a key role when it comes to stopping any light from escaping. This ensures that the plants benefit fully from the lighting.
  • Reflective sheeting blocks natural lighting from entering the grow room. Remember, you need a constant lighting cycle. Natural lighting may interfere with this cycle.
  • Inconsistent light may confuse the plants.

Pro Tip: For optimum results, purchase an automated hydroponic grow box.

Step 4

Step four involves lighting coverage. Here, you have several options to pursue:

  • Ballast—it will help you control and regulate the energy for powering your lighting
  • Lamp—this is used to light the indoor grow room.
  • Reflector—the reflector guides the light into the plants. This ensures that they get the right amount of light.

Step 5

The final step is all about setting up a suitable air exchange.

The Bottom Line

Build your first indoor grow room like a pro. The above tips and tricks will help you get the process right.

Salman Zafar

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