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7 Tips to Buy Single Axle Dump Truck

If you are an onsite system contractor, you might have been aware of the importance of dump truck in your business operation. You simply buy dump trucks to make money, therefore, resist the urge to buy a heavy performing truck which is beyond your need. Just because you get obsessed with performance, it does not make sense to spend money unnecessarily.

A single axle dump truck is a perfect vehicle for the construction industry; this vehicle can perform efficiently in transporting construction material from one site to another. Being in the construction business, you have to be fast and reliable. A vehicle like a dump truck can give mileage to your business.

Most of the people prefer buying used dump trucks, in fact, used dump trucks are relatively affordable, however, they have their disadvantages, having a used dump truck means you are going to appoint a permanent mechanic, which is nothing but an additional expense added to your company’s account. Used vehicles might not provide you the speed, mileage, and safety what new vehicles’ can easily offer.

A used vehicle might need regular repair and maintenance; certainly, you don’t want to interrupt your business on a regular basis. Considering its disadvantages, it will be a sheer waste of resources and time to go for a used dump truck.

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If you are looking to make money by providing quick, flexible and efficient service to your clients, then preferably a new dump truck will be the best option. A lot of companies are offering single axle dump trucks which you can easily avail, however, make sure to consult and conduct thorough research on the company’s history and engine specifications.

Whether you go for a new dump truck or choose to go for used one, in either of the cases, you need to be careful and critical about all the aspects of the truck before you make the purchase. In this article, we are going to tell you a few key factors you need to keep in mind while choosing a single axle dump truck.

1. Team Work

Involving your truck dealer in the early stage of your buying process can be really helpful, your truck dealer’s knowledge about the performance of the dump and the requirement of your locality can give you a proper idea about the kind of engine, tyre and suspension you need. The dealer can guide you in choosing the body type according to your need. An aluminum body is ideal for small-scale dumping requirements such as dealing with sand for drainage and small stones, and if you deal with heavy stones, you might consider buying a steel body.

2. Choose the Right Engine

Your choice of engine largely depends on your operation, if you are not exceeding your GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating), you might consider buying a smaller engine. If you generally find yourself operating in hilly and mountain areas, then going for heave and powerful engine makes sense, after all, you have to maintain your stability and speed.

3. Transmission

Choosing manual transmission with a range of gears is preferred for obvious reasons. More gear allows you to match your engine speed according to the nature of your job. Low gear with minimum range can work better in muddy and sandy areas. If your work involves reversing long distance, then you might as well choose multi-speed reverse. However, the automatic transmission has their own advantages; its adaptable torque converter eliminates the regular shifting of gear which can be really helpful, in case of new drivers.

An automatic transmission will negate the use of the clutch pedal, eventually saving you money which you might have spent on maintaining the pedal and clutches. Moreover, operating automatic transmission dump is less tiresome, which can seriously boost your productivity.

4. Insurance

Before hitting the road, make sure that your dump truck is insured, in order to get registered, you need to take insurance first, to be able to put your dump into the business operation insurance is quite necessary.

5. Dump Box

While buying a dump truck, pay attention to dump box, if you find any rust or other glitches then reject it and go for another one.

6. Hydraulic Lift

It is recommended to check the hydraulic lift center carefully, it is the most expensive and important part of the truck. Buying without conducting a thorough inspection can be a costly affair. If you end up buying a faulty one, you will have to spend extra money on repair and replacement. If you are not technically sound, you might consider conducting the inspection with the help of an experienced mechanic.

7. Tyres

Considering the nature of work, you must go for appropriate tyre, this is the most important factor as far as safety and performances are concerned.

Using dump trucks on the construction sites has their own unique advantages first of all, these trucks consume less fuel as they are relatively lighter than their other counterparts. It is easy to maintain these vehicles as they are smaller; certainly, maintaining a vehicle having 6 wheels is definitely easier than maintaining a vehicle having 10 wheels. These trucks are easy to drive, if you ask a driver, he would definitely choose a single axle vehicle as far as driving is concerned.

hydraulic life rubbish truck
Hydraulic lift is the most expensive and important part of a dump truck

Buying single axle dump trucks will not cost you a fortune, by spending relatively less amount of money, you can generate more revenue which is quite attractive, isn’t it? Heavy dump trucks with a larger engine and heavy-duty transmission can perform more efficiently apparently making you and your clients happy and profitable.


The crux of this article is to educate you about the technicality and features of single axle dump truck, if you have identified your business requirement and strongly feel that a single axle dump truck can fit into your work structure, then most probably, you should go with your decision, however, it is recommendable to weigh your options properly before you make any decision.

Consulting with your team, friends who are in construction business can be really helpful, you can also contact truck companies for consultation, there are few companies offer free consultations and surely you can take advantage of their consultation.

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