Flowering Plants: Perfect Plants To Grow for Beginners

Plants could make any space feel calmer and fresher. They’re beautiful, fresh-looking, and they could invite some friendly visitors to your homes like bees and butterflies. Now that people usually spend more time at home, gardening is one of the top things you’ll find on their to-do list.

It’s great that people are now getting interested again in planting. But creating a home garden will require you to have some prior knowledge about the plants you could incorporate that will surely survive. Also, various plants tend to have different preferences and planting conditions to provide them for them to flourish.

So, if you’re new to gardening, do not worry, as there are tons of plants that could be easily planted and hassle-free to take care of. Continue reading below to know about flowering plants that could easily survive being planted at home for beginners. So, if you’re new to gardening, do not worry, as there are tons of plants that could be easily planted and hassle-free to take care of. Continue reading below to know about flowering plants that could easily survive being planted at home for beginners. In addition you can get flowers for your garden through a flower delivery service.


1. Morning Glory

Morning glory plants seem like magical plants, but not because they have superpowers, but because their trumpet-shaped purple-colored flowers open in the morning throughout the sunny day. When afternoon arrives, it closes as if it was some sort of magic. This is also the reason behind its given name.

Having some morning glory in your garden is a good decision to have a colorful garden. The color ranges from red, white, purple, blue, pink, and even bicolor, but you must also note that this plant is a poisonous beauty and might not be safe if you have pets who linger around your garden space.

If you want to plant morning glory from seeds, it’s best to soak it first in water since the seeds tend to have a hard coat. Soaking overnight is enough and remember to nick them before sowing. Also, when they start producing flowers, they would need a lot of sun exposure to be in their best state. To know more about how the tips and tricks in growing them, you may click this website

2. Eschscholzia

Also termed as the California poppy, the eschscholzia is famous for being used for people who struggle in sleeping, aches, and even bed-wetting in children. This flowering plant is known to help promote relaxation and is an essential resource for indigenous people living in California because they use it in their food and as an oil.

If you hate regular watering, then this is the perfect plant for you. This plant is easygoing and would be happy even in dry soil. So, there’s no worry if you can’t provide much attention to them. But, you have to give them good water drainage for them to develop beautifully, or you could put them ideally in rock gardens.

3. Sunflowers

Sunflowers are one of the favorite flowers out there! With its bright yellow colored petals, there’s no wonder that it could bring a feeling of happiness to the garden. Sunflowers are sun-loving, and they tend to bloom where the face of the sun is. Also, it’s considered as a flower that signifies adoration, dedicated love, and having pure thoughts.

This flowering plant is so unique that they are known to be happy flowers that could brighten up anyone’s day. They are not just perfect to be added as an aesthetic appeal in your garden, but they are also entirely edible- from the root, the leaf, the stalk. Thus, if your sunflower has already reached its mature size, you could add it to your salads or create a sunflower tea.

If you’re interested in planting sunflowers, start by loosening the soil and having a great depth. Place the seeds at least 3cm deep and position the seeds in an eight inches interval. After so, cover them and water them regularly. Remember to avoid having the soil dry because they would need a lot of water to germinate.

4. Nigella

The nigella plant is also known as the love-in-a-mist plant. They are called this way because it was the flower used in the old fashion of sending messages to your loved ones or to those people that you miss that are suffering due to a health problem. It simply means openness to love, perplexity, and to kiss me.


If you want to have more nigella flowers in your garden, it would not be a problem since this plant would happily self-seed the following year after the flowers fade. Also, they like to be exposed to full sun and be watered during dry seasons.

5. Sweet Peas

Having sweet peas in your garden will surely make the area give fragrance that visitors will surely love! Usually, this flower appears in pastel colors like in shades of pink, purple, blue, white, and even bicolor-like morning glories.

If you want to have sweet peas added to your flower garden, be aware of mice! Mice love to be around sweet pea seeds and eat them. So, a good trick in keeping your plant secure of mice is to have a wire chicken mesh over the surface and allow it to grow through the mesh. In this way, you would not have problems guarding the mice that might borrow your seeds.

The perfect time to plant sweet peas is during autumn or spring. If it reaches 10cm tall, you may pinch out the tips for the plant to have a bushy growth. Moreover, they need rare watering only, ideally more than once a week, but you have to consistently maintain moist soil. But, water them regularly during summer because they don’t like the heat of the sun.


Planting is a good hobby and getting yourself out and about. There are a lot of things that are fun to do, and gardening is part of it. If you invest in a good garden right now, you can make your home brighter and fresher. Thus, refer above to the plants you could grow at home.

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