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7 Tips to Create a Relaxing Backyard During the Summer

During the summer months the backyard can become the most important place in your home. Deciding to improve it and make it more usable is a great idea. After a hard day at work there is nothing better than relaxing in your own garden. It should also be a place where you want to invite your friends and family for an outdoor pizza party.

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For your backyard to be more used, it needs to be more welcoming. It should be a place where you can relax or entertain in a comfortable atmosphere.

How to make the backyard more relaxing

Everyone knows that when you entertain in the house, people gather in the kitchen. In the hotter months this may not be the best idea so you should think about moving the gathering place to the outdoors. Below are few ideas to create a relaxing backyard during summer:

1. Make a gathering place

In addition to patio furniture where you can sit and relax you may want to consider a table and chairs where you and your friends can eat and talk. Depending on the area you have available you can either go for a five-piece set or a seven-piece set. Adding some candles to keep mosquitoes at bay will mean you can spend even more time outside. Some music will also encourage you and your guests to stay outside.

2. Cook outside

Summer and grilling go hand-in-hand so get yourself a grill. You can either buy a ready made one or make one yourself if you are a handyman. For extra convenience, you can use a gas grill, although this is a matter of opinion with many people opting for charcoal grills for a different flavour.

Before you buy or build your grill, you should consider how many people you normally entertain and make one in a size which can accommodate the number of guests. Make sure that the grill has a place for all your grill tools and somewhere for you to place the cooked food.

It would be best if you also research different grills and smokers. Read reviews, watch videos, and talk to people who have used various models to learn more about Traeger smokers. It will allow you to make an informed decision and get the best kind of grill for your needs

3. Make the patio luxurious

By using night lights and some added features such as potted plants, small benches and water fountain, your patio can soon become an inviting place to spend an evening. Brick and stone give a warm and inviting feel while a fire pit will be a great feature during the cooler nights.

4. Think privacy

No one likes the thought of being overlooked, even if you do get on well with your neighbours. Think about a hedge or a wall to keep your garden private. Pergolas often come with curtains which can be drawn to keep things private and there are several quick growing hedge plants available to add privacy.

5. Make shade

Never underestimate the strength of the sun in the hot months! The last thing you need is for your guests to go home sunburned and in pain. Pergolas and umbrellas will give extra shade. Retractable awnings will keep the area shady during the day and can be opened at night.

6. Add light

Remember that the light on your back porch may not be enough when the sun has set. Pop a few lights around the area to give a luxuriant look at a cheap price. Solar lights are very effective and come in a great variety of shapes and sizes.

7. Think about fans

If you live in an area where the temperatures soar, then you should consider an outside fan to keep you and your guests cool. Places strategically a good outdoor floor fan will keep you cool through the summer months.

What to look for in outdoor floor fans

Not every fan is made to be used outdoors so do not be tempted to take your indoor fan outside with you.

  • Motor casing: this must be waterproof which indoor fans are not. The motor needs to be protected from any moisture which builds up because this will cause corrosion and rust to form.
  • Blades: in an outdoor floor fan the blades should be made from special ABS plastic and be labelled as all-weather blades. If you use an indoor fan in the garden the blades will soon deteriorate and stop working.

There are two types of outdoor fans, namely wet-rated and damp-rated.


These fans are made to withstand the elements such as rain and salty breezes. They can deal with excessive moisture and will still work on an uncovered porch or open patio.


These fans can only stand light humidity and moisture. They will not work in rain or if they come in contact with water. These are great for using in the garage or on a screened porch.

The advantage of an outside floor fan is that you can easily move it around. Floor fans are often used to cool down the decks of swimming pools which can become very hot.

To make sure that no moisture comes in contact with the circuit you should make sure that the outdoor fan has been plugged into a GFCI outlet.


If you plan on using an outdoor floor fan in your new backyard, you should make sure that it is sturdy enough not to be knocked over. Depending on whether you have children, you also need to be sure that they cannot stick their fingers into the blades through the protective mesh.

Once you have decided on which type of outdoor fan is suitable for your backyard, make sure that you do not leave it out at night in case it rains. Most fans will not work well if they get soaked.

With a little bit of forethought and planning you can have a great backyard which is cool and comfortable and is the perfect place for spending the long summer evenings.

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