Attention: Car Insurance Companies Are Not Your Friends

Car accidents can be devastating to anyone’s life. After getting rear-ended in California, you may suffer severe injuries such as broken bones, head injuries, cuts, lacerations, or soft tissue injuries. Your vehicle might suffer extensive damage as well. You may be wondering, who will be responsible for paying for all those damages? If the accident wasn’t your fault, it would be unfair for you to have to pay for your medical expenses and property losses. Therefore, odds are that the other driver will have to compensate you after the accident. If you are the victim of a car accident, contact Philadelphia Injury Lawyers P.C. for a free consultation!

However, in most cases, the other driver won’t be the one to pay for your damages directly; their insurance company will take care of that. In other words, instead of dealing with your own insurer, you will have to deal with another carrier. The process will be very similar; they will assess the situation and process your claim. If all goes well, they will pay you the compensation you need.


However, things are rarely that simple. The truth is that the insurance companies that many pay month to month hope nothing bad ends up happening to their clients. After all, the less they have to honor their policy commitments, the more money they make. Remember, although their representatives may seem friendly and helpful, insurance companies are NOT your friends.

They care about profit, not about you

Do you think your well-being is the insurance company’s priority? You should think again. They are in the business of protecting their income, not disbursing the money you so desperately need to pay for your injuries and losses. Their service might be to “offer financial support in time of need,” but they’ll do all they can to avoid fulfilling it or to minimize their expenses.

Your claim is legitimate, so what?

The insurance industry is vast, valuable, and profitable. However, the largest insurance companies didn’t reach these heights through benevolence and compassion. The truth is that they have developed strategies to dismiss legitimate claims and not have to meet their obligations. No matter how legitimate your claim is, you will most likely need legal help to protect your rights.

Beware of “quick settlements.”

Many insurance companies may try to contact you immediately after the accident to offer you a “quick settlement.” They will probably contact you in a friendly manner and make it seem like their offer is “exactly what you need” to cover your immediate expenses. However, this first settlement offer will be insufficient to cover your short- and long-term medical bills in most cases. It is an attempt by the insurance company to take advantage of your fragility to save a few dollars.

Be sure NOT to accept the first offer, no matter how tempting it may be. Chances are you could receive much more money if you are patient and work with a Los Angeles motor vehicle accident attorney, like C&B Law Group. The attorney will negotiate on your behalf and increase your chances of receiving the maximum compensation available for your case.

Deny, Delay, don’t pay

Another tactic used by many car insurance companies is the one known as “Deny, Delay, don’t pay! How does this work? Simple: the insurance company will initially deny your claim and then delay the rest of the process as long as they can. They will try to keep you in the dark at all times, with the ultimate goal of not having to pay you a dime.


Unfortunately, this tactic is often very effective, especially if the victim has no legal representation. If you want to stop the insurance company from trying to delay your claim indefinitely, call a local car accident attorney who can help you defend your rights during the process.

You are not alone; a local attorney can help!

Fighting an insurance company on your own is often a bad idea. The best course of action would probably be to work with a local car accident attorney. The attorney will know the tactics and strategies used by car insurance companies and how to combat them. If you want to learn more, feel free to contact a local attorney for more information.

If you want to connect with a lawyer near you, your best option may be to do a Google search or browse social media for a lawyer you can trust.

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