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Things To Expect When Hiring A Tree Removal Service

If you are hiring a tree service in Edmond for the first time, there are some things that you need to prepare for. You might also have a lot of expectations like license and insurance benefits from the tree removal company and these are normal. For the process to be smooth-sailing, it is important that you keep the area ready for the job that will be performed. When considering hiring a tree removal service, it’s worth exploring the expertise of professionals like Your Tree Wisemen for reliable and efficient solutions.

Tips to Find the Best Tree Trimming Services


Preparing your property for tree removal

First, you have to make sure that the area where you are going to cut trees is free of cars. If the work will be performed in your backyard, the cars need to be moved from the driveway. Debris can create serious damage to your vehicle. You will also need to reserve parking spaces for the tree removal company. There should be 3 parking spaces in front of your home for the trucks and chipper.

Next, you need to check your personal property, making sure that outdoor furniture, pots and personal items are out of the way. During the tree removal process, these items can be damaged. If you are unsure of the items to move, it is important that you give a tree removal company a call. As far as choosing a company is concerned, select a firm which use SEO in promoting tree service companies.

It is also important that you remove dog poo prior to the removal process. The crew will be rigging gear and running ropes. If these items get contaminated, it can be the reason for the delays or worse, cancellation of the tree removal job. You might have missed out one or two piles and the crew is often willing to pick those up. The rest should be your sole responsibility.

If you have landline phone service, internet access, and cable TV service, you should call your service provider after the work has been done in case the service has been interrupted. There are also cases when the tree removal service provides a temporary fix as long as you do not need the service immediately. You should keep in mind though that this additional service incurs an additional fee.

What can you expect from the tree removal service?

Tree removal service can be scheduled either in the morning or in the afternoon. Regardless of the schedule, tree experts to trim your trees will be at the premise a few hours before the scheduled time of arrival. You can also call the company to know the exact ETA. You will be provided with an accurate update once you give the company a call. For special concerns, you need to inform the company so changes to your scheduled time will be made. Be sure to call the company ahead of time to accommodate your concerns.

tree removal service

You should also be aware that the tree work will not be performed by the same crew. Depending on the work that needs to be done, you may be sent a different crew to do the job. When it comes to the timing of different services, you should allow 2 to 5 days for all work to be done. If there is a need for you to meet a specific deadline, you should also call the company so you can make some arrangements. Unless you have made a special arrangement, you have to wait 48 hours before another tree work can be done.

If a tree work will be performed, you are not required to be home. In fact, it might be cost-effective if you are able to work while the tree removal service is being done. However, there are instances when you may have specific instructions on how the tree work should be made. In this case, your presence will be required.

The debris should also be removed from your premise. There is an extra fee for cleaning leaves as this falls under the category of fall clean up. If there are stump grindings left behind, removing those grindings will also incur an additional fee. The grindings have to be removed, especially if you are planning to plant in that area.

Once the work is done and you have questions about it, you have to call the tree removal company so you will be provided with answers. Tip Top Tree is the name you can highly trust when it comes to delivering excellent service. Call them for your tree removal needs.

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