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Reasons Why Electricians Should Use Cordless Tools

Cordless tools are new trendsetters as they are much more convenient over traditional devices. A cordless screwdriver, for example, lets you set the screw right into the place within a fraction of seconds. With cordless tools, the work is simpler and faster; meanwhile, the operation of these tools promises efficiency as well.

Electricians for their day to day jobs include a variety of tools. Well, it may cost you $3K-$20K to become an electrician, but it has become new advancements and quite easy. However, even if the cordless ones seem to get the job done faster, some electricians prefer the corded tools. So, here we bring you some excellent reasons for how cordless tools are better in every manner.

How Cordless Power Tools are Better Than Corded Tools

There are lots of debates on this topic where one party proves the corded tools more worthy than the cordless tools. Apart from the opinions, it would be wise to consider the real reasons why you too should opt for the cordless power tools. There are so many cordless power saws available on Saw Advisor such as Cordless Jigsaw, circular saw, Chainsaw or pole saw. There is no limit to these tools now.

1. Convenience Speaks for Itself

Who wants to carry a power source along all the time? Well, no one! That is why cordless power tools are preferred because they are battery-operated and hence they don’t need any additional power source. You don’t have to worry about any power outlet either. There is no need to be concerned about that extension cord. All you need is a few sets of batteries and that is it, you are sorted.

2. Light and Compact, Undoubtedly

Cordless power, such as reciprocating power saws, tools naturally cut down the unnecessary weight since they are different in the formation. They eliminate the need for a power cord that contributes to pretty much heaviness. Since there is no cord and the cordless tools use modern parts for manufacturing purposes, they are much easier and lighter to handle. In true sense, they are compact!

3. The Factor of Ergonomics

Ergonomics refers to the capability of handling a particular tool. In this case, the cordless power tools liberate the user to manage the tool effortlessly. When a tool has improved ergonomics, it lessens the chances of any injury since it lets you manage the equipment from different angles without feeling any discomfort. So when you use a cordless tool, you have fewer or almost no chance of getting a wrist, elbow, or shoulder injury.

cordless tools electricians

4. Fewer Accidents on the Jobsite

With the corded tools, the extension cord often gets in the way. It can become a reason for injury or obstruct you from operating. Many accidents occur when an electrician is on the job site, and to reduce the possibility, a cordless power tool should always be your choice.

5. Fewer Work-Related Injuries

Since the cordless power tools don’t need any type of power source, there are zero chances of being electrocuted. Electrocution is most cases can be fatal, and hence it is never worthy to take chances with your life. Many scenarios can make an electrician injured such as:

  • When you have poor attention on the work going on
  • When you are inexperienced with using the power tools
  • Unexpected interruptions while working
  • When you show overconfidence and take tasks lightly
  • When the equipment itself is malfunctioning

There are many conditions these local electricians can suffer from:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – The corded power tools make your wrist in such a way that it can injure your hands and wrists.

Tendonitis – This injury happens in the tendons and as a result, you feel pain, stiffness, and swelling. The corded traditional tools are heavy and don’t support ergonomics. They are less mobile and hence the odd angles of handling cause Tendonitis.

Raynaud’s Syndrome or White Finger Disease – Corded power tools hold more power as they are fed up via a direct electric source. The vibration caused by these tools is much more than a cordless tool. When the vibration gets intense, it causes white finger disease.

Are There Any Power Concerns with Cordless Tools?

Well, this is the most significant reason that keeps an electrician from using the cordless tools. However, it is important to realize that cordless tools too often need torque and power. They perform the functions that are made for, and they do give you a sense of satisfaction on the job site.


There is no limit on cordless power tools in today’s market as due to the new crop of lithium-ion batteries cordless technology is improving. While you are choosing one for you, make sure you always stumble upon reliable suppliers and purchase your tool based on the specifications. We hope you now have a clear idea about cordless tools are worth your consideration.

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