essential tools for car restoration

The Essential Tools For Every Car Restoration Fanatic

Some people collect stamps, some people like to go hiking and some people like to breathe life back into old motors. If you’re a car restoration fanatic, however, you’ll need a lot more equipment than just a nice pair of walking boots and a decent book. You’ll need of a wide range of car restoration tools and equipment in your workshop to complete a job to the best of your ability. But what exactly should you be filling your garage with to give yourself and your cars the best possible service?

1. Impact Wrench

The first step in any restoration is to see what you’re working with and that often requires a lot of dismantling. A good impact wrench is essential for when you’re taking a car to pieces and then taking those pieces to even small pieces. It can remove both bolts and lug nuts with relative ease significantly when changing the old to new tires.

2. Welders

If your wrenches are for pulling things apart then your welders are for putting things back together. Of course, welders can be quite dangerous if you’re not wearing the right protective gear so a good welder’s mask should also be part and parcel of this purchase. Make sure you’re reading instructions and watching videos on how to use it safely too!


3. Engine cranes

If you’re going to be really diving into this hobby with both feet then you might want to invest in an engine crane. Engine cranes will not only help you remove and insert engines of the car but can also help you work on the engine inside the car more easily, especially if it’s at an awkward angle.

4. Floor jacks

These are used to elevate the car to make things it easier to access the underside comfortably. You’ll want to go with a jack with a height of at least 16 inches and a lift capacity of at least 2 tonnes if you are going to be working on anything larger and more complicated than a Reliant Robin.

essential tools for car restoration

5. Air compressor

Perhaps one of the most common items typically used in classic car restoration, air compressors are used to power your impact wrenches, hammers and spray guns for the final paint job. Speaking of which, you’ll also need a paint stripper on hand if you want to touch up paintwork and remove rust.

Everything else

Of course, it’s not just the professional tools for car restoration business you’ll need to consider but the everyday tools too. You’ll want a good selection of screwdrivers, pliers and other miscellaneous tools. Safety gear is also an absolute must so that means goggles, gloves, masks and other safety equipment you might need to protect yourself. Finally, of course, you need a good space to work in as your home garage might not be adequate. For cheap deals, check your local industrial estates for lockup rental options.

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