Are Gravity Feed Spray Guns Better?

There are different types of spray guns that are used for painting. Two of the most common spray guns are gravity feed spray guns and siphon feed ones. They do not differ by much as the serve the same purposes the gravity feed spray guns have a few advantages over the other. However, it is important that you take into consideration that the project that you undertake. This is because some projects may require siphon feed guns while others may require the alternative mentioned.

It is important that you know the pros as well as the cons of using either of this equipment. This would ensure that you are getting the right finish when it comes to painting different surfaces. You would to be first certain about the purpose you want the spray gun to serve before you purchase one. This can end up saving you a lot of money as the wrong choice would make the equipment useless. So, in this article we look at how the gravity feed spray guns are better when compared to others. Let us have a close look at the common uses, pros and cons of a gravity feed spray gun.

Uses of gravity feed spray guns

Some of the most common uses of these guns are as follows:

  • Color changing options like deck outs
  • Painting automotive
  • Touch up painting or metal fabrication
  • Small wood finishing projects
  • Used in facilities of high production for color matching

So, if your purposes are anyone of the above stated you can choose to use the gravity feed spray guns.


Now that we have had a look at the common uses of these gravity feed spray guns its time to look at the pros it has. The pros of using these include:

  • Easy cleaning
  • Achieving a finer finish
  • Highly affordable
  • With a disposable insert liner, you can change colors quicker
  • Ability to deliver smaller paint amounts
  • Suitable for smaller projects
  • Has a better control over the atomization air

These are some of the salient advantages or pros of using this equipment.


It is equally important to look at the cons involved in using gravity feed spray guns. This would ensure that you are able to understand what you are getting into when buying one.

  • Paint on top of the sprayer is not something painters usually like
  • Fluid delivery control is limited unless nozzles are changed
  • Smaller delivery amounts of materials (paint)
  • Spraying on heavy bodied material is difficult

By looking at the uses, pros, and cons, you would be able to figure out how these sprayers are used.

Working of gravity feed spray gun

After knowing all these things about a gravity feed spray gun, it is important to know the mechanism of the same. It is great when used for smaller batches to be coated at a time. In case you are looking at using it for larger surfaces then it would be a time-consuming process. The atomization provided is said to be ideal for conventional, LVMP, and HVLP spray guns.


If you want the gravity feed spray gun to work efficiently then you would have to use it without excessive thinner. If you are considering using more thinner than the advised levels then this sprayer might not be ideal. The spray gun has two passageways where one is for fluid and the other for air. To be able to achieve the right atomization the vacuum formed with air when rushing past the fluid passage. This in turn draws the fluid into the air stream and then mixes both together and sprays through the nozzle.

Which one to choose?

This is one common question that baffles even the most experienced painters. However, for a novice it may not be a difficult choice. This is because they are new to painting and they might not necessarily know the difference between sprayers. Having said that, it is possible to achieve better results when you choose a gravity feed spray gun. This is one of the reasons it is preferred over conventional and siphon feed spray guns.

It may be difficult to say that one is better than the other. However, for beginners and ones who are into small projects the gravity feed spray gun should be a better choice. If you are planning to use a thinner then you ought to have a siphon feed spray gun. As it goes there are very few paints that require a thinner to be used.

In case you are opting for a metallic paint or pigments then you ought to choose the siphon feed spray guns. They are better equipped to handle these specifics when compared to the alternative. Even if you want to have a splatter effect while painting the siphon feed spray gun would be ideal.

If you were to ask an experienced painter about their opinion on both these guns, they would choose the siphon gun. This is because of the similarity that it has with the traditional method of painting. However, as we have mentioned above the gravity feed spray guns are considered ideal for novices.


You have had a good look at the common uses, pros, cons, mechanism, and basic differences. It is for you to choose the one that you think would suit you best. There is also a few more things that you would want to consider before making a purchase. It would include looking at the maintenance aspect of both spray guns. In case a spray gun requires more maintenance than the other you might want to avoid it.

The repairs and maintenance can be a costly affair if you do not DIY at home. The other thing that you would have to consider is the manufacturer warranty that it comes with. This can affect how long the spray gun would last with you after you have purchased it. In case it does not have a good service backing or warranty it is better to keep away from it. After all, as a novice painter the last thing you would want is trouble with your new spray gun.

Salman Zafar

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