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3 Signs of a Bad Mattress and How It May Affect Your Health

Good-quality sleep is essential for the physical repair and recovery of our bodies as well as getting rid of mental stress. Very surprisingly, however, we continue to sleep year after year quite unconscious of the fact that our mattresses, often bought at very high prices, are full of toxic substances like pesticides, synthetic compounds, flame retardants, etc. that have far-reaching negative impact on our health as they hamper our efforts to recuperate and revitalize our physical and mental systems. Read on to know the major signs of a bad mattress and how it may negatively impact your health:

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1. Flame Retardants

CPSC mandates that mattresses must be flameproof to the extent that they should be capable of withstanding a two-foot wide-open flame from a blowtorch for 70 seconds. This makes it necessary for mattress manufacturers to incorporate chemicals that make the mattress resistant to flames; however, many of the chemicals used are extremely hazardous to health.

Flame retardants have been positively linked with skin irritation, impairment of the learning and memory, obesity, cancers, thyroid problems as well as birth defects. These dangerous chemicals get absorbed by the skin as they leach through the covers of the mattress. They also bind to dust particles and enter our respiratory systems.

2. Metal Spring Coils

Metal spring coils are a mainstay of the mattress manufacturers as they are extremely popular with customers due to their good performance and durability. However, the problem with the metal springs is that they tend to act as antennas for electronic devices that emit hazardous non-native electromagnetic fields (nnEMF) like mobile phones, cell phone towers, Wi-Fi routers, household appliances, and even wall wiring.

While there is a lot of conjecture surrounding the effect of nnEMF, it is already established that its exposure can cause insomnia and lack of proper sleep quality. According to a Scientific American report, the effect of sleeping on a mattress with metal coils is the same as sleeping on the top of an antenna that acts as an amplification device for electromagnetic radiation. Read real mattress reviews to know more on metal-free mattress models.

3. Dust Mites

Mattresses with their permeable top cover and inherently dark and damp environment provide the perfect ambiance for dust mites to feed off dead skin and thrive. It is perfectly natural for mattresses to gain somewhat in weight with the passage of years and you may not think twice about it till you realize that it is caused by the weight of dead dust mites and their excrement.

The buildup of dust mites can set off severe allergic reactions including sneezing, runny noses, nasal congestion, itchy eyes, cough, difficulty in breathing, a wheezing sound when exhaling, etc. that can make restful sleep very difficult.


With mattresses being such a large storehouse of hazards, it is all the more important for people, especially those with sensitive systems, to choose mattresses that are safer. When buying a mattress look out for models that are made out of synthetic materials or contain metal coils and hazardous flame retardants and avoid them in favor of mattresses manufactured out of organic materials.

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