How to Prolong the Life of Your Washing Machine

It is hard to imagine life in modern society without some appliances, and washing machine is definitely one of them. No matter if you use it more in the summer or less in the winter, or if you live alone or share it with your family. The fact remains the same – your washing machine needs regular maintenance in order to work properly and last longer. So, if you are wondering how to prolong the life of your washing machine, here are some suggestions everyone can follow:

1. Put the recommended amount of detergent or less

You may think that the more detergent you put in your washing machine, it will better wash the laundry, but actually, that is not true. Every label on detergent will tell you the recommended amount for a certain quantity of clothes, but you can freely use less. Laundry detergents consist of soap and other ingredients which tend to pile up inside your washing machine and prevent your clothes to rinse properly and even cause a bad smell.

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When it comes to fabric softener, add a little water into it before you start the washing cycle. Too much of fabric softener will leave stains inside your machine and on your clothes. Also, make sure to wash the detergent compartment at least once a week so it doesn’t get clogged with residue.

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2. Clean it regularly

Cleaning your washing machine is not a hard and time-consuming task. Basically, you will have to wash the doors, detergent compartment and clean the filters. According to this guide, pour white vinegar and baking soda inside the drum and start the program with the highest temperature intended for white laundry.

This will remove all the residues from detergent and fabric softener, bacteria, limescale and uncomfortable smells coming from inside of your washing machine. You can use some of the available cleaning agents which are equally effective although some may not be eco-friendly so check the label. Check out this interesting guide on how to clean a washing machine.

3. Don’t overload your washing machine

It’s easy to decide to fill in your washing machine to the maximum, but this is something that can lead to serious damage to the drum or worse motor. The latter is designed to work with a predefined amount of power in order to wash a specified load. Anything over that load, and you risk to break down your motor which usually means a costly repair or buying a new washing machine.

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Another issue with overloading is that the clothes need space to wash properly so you may experience detergent residues on your laundry even after the rinse cycle. So, don’t rush the process and respect the recommendations from manufacturer to have clean laundry and functional washing machine for a long time.

4. Perform regular professional maintenance

People usually wait until the washing machine malfunctions or stops working to call the professional maintenance and repair service. However, just like every other appliance, washing machine requires a yearly servicing to identify the problems in time and find washing machine spare parts online to prolong its life. Certain issues with your washing machine can lead to serious malfunctions if not addressed properly and consequently bigger expenses.

Besides the things you can do, like cleaning the drum, using the machine responsibly and pouring less detergent, a professional service will check the motor, pipes, heater and other integral parts. So, you will have your washing machine as good as new once a year and so cut your costs for a new appliance or serious repairs.

5. Read the instruction manual

Most users read only the parts of instruction manual which interest them the most like how to wash certain type of laundry and what all the buttons are for. However, there is more to these instructions than just directions on how to use your washing machine. First of all, you will learn how to install the machine properly and connect it to a source of water and drainage system.

Then, you will find instruction on what to do in certain situations like when the power is out or your machine makes unusual sounds. So, make sure you take your time and read the manual before turning the appliance on for the first time in order to make sure that you did everything right. This may save some issues like floods in the bathroom that can be really costly and uncomfortable.


It’s actually easy to prolong the life of your washing machine if you respect the recommendations by manufacturer and experts. It’s okay to pour more detergent or overload the machine once or twice just don’t turn it into a habit and you will have your machine operational for longer than anticipated.

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