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5 Tips to Finding an Appellate Lawyer

Choosing the right appellate lawyer is crucial when you are filing an appeal. Appeals are filed by losing parties that need a review of the verdict passed by a lower court. The appellate court is the high court. Therefore, an appellate attorney will prepare for cases that will be reviewed by the high court with the aim of changing the ruling to suit the losing party. It is advisable to take time while selecting the right appellate lawyer to ensure that you get satisfactory results.

Here are five tips that will help you find the right appellate attorney to win your case:

1. Experience And Success Rate

Appellate lawyer Todd Mosser is part of the Pennsylvania Appeals Attorney team that has handled over 900 appeal cases, thus, building trust with both existing and potential clients. Experience is a common factor that most people look out for when looking for an appellate lawyer, and he ranks high on this.

However, a high percentage of people fail to consider the success rate. Evaluating the success rate of your intended lawyer will help you gauge your chances of winning more accurately.

2. Compare And Contrast

You will probably have two or three attorneys from which you need to pick out the best for your case. Conduct research and set up a consultation that will help you know about the lawyer.

During the consultation, some lawyers will break down your case to help you understand its aspects. The session will help you gauge if he or she is the right one. Consultations can be expensive depending on the lawyer. Ensure you are certain of your choice before consulting.

3. Invest In Your Appeal

Sometimes our budget may push us to go for the low-priced lawyers. In law, low pricing may cost you your case. Try to get enough funds that will get you a good lawyer who will not assign the preparation process to a first-year law student or rather fail to give your case the attention it deserves. You can compare the pricing of different appellate courts to pick on that suit your needs and budget.

4. Good Writing Skills

Appeal cases require extensive brief writing regarding the aspects of the case. The panel, law clerks, and the judge will read the briefs before deciding if they should grant a platform for oral argument or not. Ensure that your attorney has clear and persuasive writing skills.

5. Polished Oral Skills

In lower courts, your case is only presented before a jury, and there are witnesses to testify. It is different in an appellate court because the argument is presented before a multi-panel of judges and there are no witnesses to testify.

Choose an attorney who will respond to the judges’ questions and argue all the legal aspects of your case without contradicting. Your lawyer should understand the various law cases that relate to your case and know how to respond to the challenging questions that the judges present. Eloquence and wittiness are key factors to consider.

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