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5 Tips to Finding a Great Divorce Attorney in Ohio

A divorce process can be challenging and stressful, especially if kids are involved. It affects those involved both mentally and physically. Despite the reasons for your decision to get a divorce, it is important to find a great divorce attorney to represent you.

A good lawyer is professional and acts in a competent manner to represent your needs and best interests throughout the divorce process. With the increasing rate of divorce cases in Ohio, the need for a good divorce attorney goes without saying. Here are important tips to help you find the right divorce attorney for you:

1. Ask for Referrals

Your family and friends who’ve previously divorced or know someone divorced can recommend to you a good divorce attorney. Your connections can refer you to an attorney they’ve used personally or has helped someone they know win a divorce case.

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Marriage counsellors, therapists and priests can also recommend a good attorney to handle your case. Local bars associations, just like yellow pages, also have good references to good divorce lawyers.

However, attorneys without much experience or expertise can register to be part of the associations. Therefore, make sure you pick one with sufficient experience of at least three years.

2. Develop a Budget

Before embarking on the hunt for an attorney, come up with a budget you can afford. Individual attorneys and law firms price their services based on the level of specialty and the complexity of your case. However, no divorce comes cheap.

Assess your needs and ask yourself what you would want from the divorce and make the best decision. Do not use the services of a divorce lawyer until you have a financial agreement on how the legal fees will be paid.

Find out about legal fees and how payments are made. Whereas some lawyers quote lump sum fees, others bill on a monthly basis. Determine the arrangement you are comfortable with based on your budget; use it to find and choose a good divorce lawyer.

3. Use Word-of-Mouth

Let those around you know that you’re looking for a good divorce lawyer. Ask them to use their connections and friends of friends to help you find a great divorce attorney to represent your case in a court of law.

4. Online Search

A quick search online can give you access to law websites and profiles of divorce attorneys. Simply type ‘divorce attorneys in Ohio’ on Google search engine to make a local search.


The search giant crawler navigates through millions of web pages to return the best results relevant to your search. Check links on the first page of search engine results page to get contacts of a few divorce lawyers to consider for your case. 

5. Business Directory/Review Sites

Business directories and top review sites can also help you pick the best attorney to represent your case in a court of law. Check them online and add the word ‘Ohio’ to get relevant local search results.

With a list of a few good divorce lawyers, it’s important to narrow down the list and choose only the best lawyer to hire. Ask the right questions and find out fees charged. Look out for experience, skills and certification/licensing to practice law.

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