how you can get a significant divorce settlement

How To Avoid Divorce Loss

If you are going through a divorce, it’s important to see the larger picture. You need to protect yourself, and the future you have planned for you and your kids.

The most common complaint, coming from divorced couples, is that they have lost everything. Being aware of the legal requirements, and divorce forms can help you to protect the things you own, as you end your union.

In this article, you will get some tips on how you can get a significant divorce settlement in Atlanta.

Tips to be on track in a divorce

1. Get a divorce lawyer

Even if you’re an expert in financial matters, it’s crucial to have a family law attorney. The divorce process is a tangled mess of emotions, which is why you’ll need impartial parties to speak on your behalf, and ensure that you’re secured.

Stressful situations like divorce can be extremely destructive. Even if you’re financially sound, a neutral part is more likely to notice things that you might not see yourself, when you’re under stress.

Receiving help from outside experts isn’t a sign of weakness, character or abilities. You’re likely to prefer a neutral part to stand in your place.

Ideally, the lawyer will focus on a co-parenting solution, rather than litigation. Both sides will do better in structured proceedings, in which they can come up with solutions to their disagreements, concerning finances and other matters, instead of having a judge decide.

buying house during divorce

Alongside having an attorney to speak on your behalf, it is also important to hire a trusted financial advisor for yourself, especially if your spouse was the person who handled the finances in your marriage.

Find someone who can explain things clearly to you, in a manner that you can comprehend. And if you are looking for a lawyer, you should have a look at Atlanta High Net Worth Divorce Attorneys. They have the best lawyers there.

2. Recognize all assets that you own

After you have compiled the financial statements above, you need to add all other financial assets. Define clearly what’s within your name, in your spouse’s name, or any related trust, business name, etc. Additionally, it is useful to know exactly when and where you bought them.

A judge has to know what assets are available for dispersal and have a clear overview of the couple’s financial situation that he can use when determining the settlement of the divorce.

3. Get copies of all your financial statements

The courts are more interested in clear and authentic documentation of you, and your spouse’s assets, than they are in the affair of your spouse. It is essential to gather as much documentation as possible.

Print hard copies of everything, and create digital copies of all the digital documents. This includes bank accounts, statements, titles, and business finances such as mortgages, investments broker documentation and any other documents that might be considered to be an asset, regardless of worth.

Be sure to include all documents you’ve completed, particularly in the last few years. As it’s a fact that spouses who divorce are often extremely vengeful. It’s not unusual for spouses to be denied banking accounts, accessing finances, and even to have hard copies of evidence of assets disappear.

4. Get some working liquid assets

Couples can be extremely selfish or even malicious. It’s not uncommon for spouses to attempt to take advantage of one another financially, preventing them from being able to afford good divorce advice, or for accounting for forensic purposes. It is also necessary to have enough money to survive until the divorce is completed. Therefore, you must start as soon as possible. If you can access joint accounts, then so is your spouse.

It is possible to transfer a specific amount of money from these joint accounts, and into an account solely under your name. Don’t take everything from joint accounts. Be sensible, but make sure that you have enough funds to pay your bills until you can get lawyers to assist you further.

If you do not accomplish this, then the only way to be able to get the money is to request an emergency court hearing, to get interim child support or alimony. It is not just going to be more expensive, it can also take a long time, and will add to the already stressful situation. Take action early, and be smart, to avoid any unnecessary expenses and anxiety.

5. Decide what you want

Your lawyers will likely want to reach an agreement to settle the matter. If you are in Atlanta, the judge will be required to decide if the agreement is fair for both parties. This is a further safeguard in this instance, but don’t trust it. Consider what you will require to have in the long run. Be sure to establish which things you’ll need, and won’t give up.

how you can get a significant divorce settlement

6. Be aware of the laws in Atlanta

With the laws in Atlanta, it is possible to find a lot of uniformity, regarding family law. However, there are some differences. It is essential to know about the applicable laws, in the area where you are located, and where the divorce papers will be filed.

7. Consider hidden assets

Certain spouses have created their divorce contingency plan, well ahead of time, and have kept a record of their assets hidden from you, or squeezed away from the money over time.


In the end, the result of your divorce can affect the rest of your life. Even though all divorces include compromising, if you are serious about protecting your financial future, you need to know when it is in your best interests to not depart from your plan.

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