why do students start blogging

Why Do Students Start Blogging?

The glamorous Instagram influencers flashing in the feed are not the only faces of blogging. A personal web page is a perfect platform to share creative thoughts, create articles or even start a book of causal analysis essay. A blog is just a format that any information can be packed into.

Masters of ancient crafts, oncologists debunking the myth that soda cures cancer, and low-on-money students who share ideas on dinners under 20 bucks use this medium to share their experiences.

Some students use them to share ideas, some even share helpful advice with younger students. Advice may include such items as a poem analysis essay examples. For students, it is the best way to get better at writing by teaching others.

Read on to know the top benefits of blogging for students:

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1. Motivation and Skills Upgrade

Besides writing, blogging can boost photography, drawing, cooking, ad designing skills, etc. While none of these would ever become the main focus of a job or study, doing it to make days brighter helps maintain a positive level overall. For some students, it is easier to motivate themselves to do something when they have the public eye watching the progress.

2. Self-Help and Amateur Psychotherapy

Creating blog posts, like any other writing practice, makes life better. Or at least more conscious. By writing and broadcasting thoughts on paper or the web, people begin to understand their issues better.

Writing could help sort out internal problems and find solutions, or get support from readers. So, a personal webpage could serve as an e-diary for those suffering from anxiety or pathological shyness.

These are the records that one can read and rethink, track the path of development, and, perhaps, draw some important conclusions from.

3. To Find Like-Minded People

How else will other people find out that you also fight for the environment, read science fiction, and love going to restaurants? Expressing these ideas on the internet allows like-minded fellows to discover and join your ideas and projects. People are not telepathic: unless someone tells them what worries you, they will never guess that you have a lot in common.

4. Platform for Projects

This reason to create a personal webpage is closely related to point No. 3. A personal webpage is an efficient medium for launching projects, testing hypotheses, and collecting feedback from peers and users.

It is a perfect way to advertise student startups and small endeavors. Such projects may concern the university’s social life and even money-making initiatives. Anyway, a one-year blog hosting price is less expensive than the launch of an internet ad campaign for such projects.

5. To Record Personal Life Story

Each person’s experience is unique. Trying to capture it on the internet is not a bad idea. Some students use it to tell interesting facts from their lives and share life experiences with friends. Just like an Instagram or a Facebook page, a personal blog shares funny stories and photos with the friends subscribed to it.

This way of spreading information helps spare a lot of time on copying and sending a message to different people. A blog is an online shelf where one can store and share stuff with others.

why do students start blogging

6. To Make Some Money

Selling blog ads is the most primitive way to monetize the experience. It brings little money if the blog audience is small. Yet, it is still a type of income easily overlooked by many people. If one enjoys writing short stories, why shouldn’t they dash it with a couple of advertisements to get some passive income?

7. To Use As a Portfolio

An online journal is an opportunity to show knowledge and experience to the employer. Students’ blogs sometimes resemble resumes. People write about their academic work, give advice, provide visual analysis essays, and dwell upon experience gained during practice.

Such online CVs dwell on various complex and non-trivial tasks, solutions that deserve proper tutorials, and new options to solve old problems. These descriptions reveal the creativity and get noticed by HR managers hunting for young talents.

A professional blog could also be a valuable addition to the resume of any writer, PR manager, or programmer. Especially, if it has examples of texts, photos, codes with links to running programs, applications, and websites.


8. Because It Is Fun

Do not take life too seriously. Do what feels enjoyable. The motto of any personal online journal is “my way or the highway”.

Many social networks introduce censorship on published materials. Some websites restrict the users who post advertisements and referral links. On a personal website, one is free to write and post whatever comes to mind (as far as permitted by law).

You Won’t Know Unless You Try

For some people, the decision to create a blog is a step beyond the boundaries of a comfort zone. Yet, it also is a chance to get feedback, look at things differently, and even get noticed by others.

A personal blog could help find friends, improve skills, and even land an interview. A chance to make some money is a pretty good reason why many students use blogging to sustain themselves. Some students are community-minded, which makes internet presence their source of new connections.

In any case, online journal writing can bring new experiences into life. So, it is worth trying.

Salman Zafar

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