facts about dry eye

Optometrist Reveals Important Facts About Dry Eye

Dry eye is a common and temporal problem but can be irritating and uncomfortable. It can have a significant impact on your daily activities. This syndrome mostly occurs when the eye cannot produce enough tears to keep your eyes moist. Irritation along the eyelids can also trigger dry eyes and, if not given medical attention, the eyes can end up being painful and even developing more serious health conditions. For the living cells in the eyes to stay alive, the eyes need to be watery. Here are a few interesting facts about dry eye:

1. Dysfunctional glands

Dysfunctional glands bring dry eye disorder. The eyes have glands that work continually to create tears and maintain the right consistency so they don’t evaporate excessively fast. If by any chance these glands misbehave, the eyes may lack the essential oil that lubricates them.

If any of these organs misbehave, your eyes may not have their essential oil on a superficial level. The deficient level of wetness in your eyes can prompt distress and other health issues, like ulcers, scratches on the cornea, and blurry vision.

2. Lifestyle

Sometimes, dry eye is a repercussion of your way of life. Apart from your age and sexual orientation factors, you may experience the ill effects of this eye issue because of bad eating habits, smoking cigarettes, exposing and straining your eyes by staring and using your computer or phone for extensive periods, thus exposing your eyes to blue rays that can irritate the tear glands.

The most ideal approach to diminishing the chances for dry eyes and other eye issues is to get rid of smoking from your day-to-day routine. When you smoke, the risky synthetic compounds in cigarettes can get into your circulation system and harm your eyes, putting you in higher danger of issues like dry eyes and waterfalls.

3. Disease and eyewear

Diabetes or rest apnea may cause dry eye as well. In any event, wearing eye contact lenses and taking antihistamines may prompt this disturbing condition. It is highly recommended that you integrate green verdant vegetables into your eating routine since they are loaded with zeaxanthin and lutein, which diminish the danger of eye illnesses.

For those who wear contact lenses from contactlenses.co.uk, you shouldn’t feel awkward because there is no irritation when these lenses come into contact with the eye surface.


4. Foreign object

Additionally, there is a possibility that you have dry eyes when there is a stinging or burning and irritating feeling in your eyes. Some people say that they feel like their eyelids are big and weighty. Having a foreign object in the eye can cause abrasion and result in dry eyes.

Signs that you may have dry eyes include having scenes of an overabundance of tears after exceptionally dry periods and tacky releases from the eyes.  Irritations alone are obvious indications of the presence and seriousness of dry eye illness. Signs and symptoms can differ from one individual to another and may even be influenced by individual behavior.

facts about dry eye

When you visit an eye doctor for dry eye treatment in Pembroke Pines FL, some of the tests will be conducted to know the quality and amount of tears your eyes can deliver, including the consistency of the same. The doctor will also look at your eyelids, how you flicker and how regularly you squint. The testing sometimes includes seeing how and where your tears stream.

The eyes need to be examined by an eye specialist to determine the presence and seriousness of dry eye disorder. They will also help to decide the best sort of dry eye treatment to keep your eyes healthy. Treating dry eye relies upon the underlying issues. In some cases, you simply need to alter your way of life while, in others, applying warm packs and utilizing remedy eye drops will correct the problem.

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