Career Opportunities after Degree in Philosophy

Degree In Philosophy: Career Opportunities

Before discovering what are the outlets for a degree in philosophy, let’s focus on what is studied in philosophy. A degree program in philosophy aims to provide a solid understanding of the essential lines of the history of philosophical thought. Graduating in philosophy, therefore, means knowing the different articulations of philosophical research and the related critical-methodological aspects.

We can therefore affirm that philosophy has human thought as its object of study in various fields: ontological, ethical, gnoseological, political, aesthetic, theological, and logical.

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A graduate in philosophy is therefore assumed to have a strong capacity for reasoning and in-depth notions of political economy, languages, and sociology. In light of this, what job opportunities are there? What to do after a bachelor’s degree in philosophy? Let’s find out together!

Degree In Philosophy: Traditional Career Opportunities

In a context characterized by digitization, what are the job opportunities for those who graduate in humanities? Does it make sense to undertake a course of study in philosophy? Despite the widespread idea that philosophy represents a subject distance from the new professions, we are ready to disprove this belief.

In addition to a career in the academic field, there are in fact alternative job prospects. With the advancement of online strategies, e-commerce activities, and corporate blogs, even companies have begun to search for figures with particular skills. Therefore, even a graduate in philosophy has an excellent chance of being hired in those company fields where there is a need for human capital.

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To talk about the career opportunities in philosophy, let’s start from the academic field. The teacher of philosophy and history represents the classic outlet for those who have studied philosophy and history. However, in addition to the position of teacher for middle and high schools, there is also the role of teacher for private sectors and continuing education institutions.

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Political Consultant

A degree in philosophy is an excellent foundation for political and trade union activity. For this reason, it is not uncommon for graduates in philosophy to fill roles in the political world. For example, working in parties alongside candidates’ consultants and spin-doctors.

Business Consultant

Another sector in which a graduate in philosophy can move is that of economic consultancy. Strange but true! A good consultant must also have an excellent cultural-humanistic as well as technical basis. Therefore, a similar profile is required to apply the philosophy to resolve potential conflicts that may arise in companies.

Career Opportunities after Degree in Philosophy

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Degree In Philosophy: Alternative Professions

After having seen the outlets for a degree in philosophy known to all, let’s move on to the alternative professions that a graduate in philosophy can carry out.

The skills acquired during the course of studies in philosophy allow in fact to cover central roles within the company context. In particular, the knowledge of a philosophy graduate can be employed in the following areas:

  • Research and Development in the medical and technological fields, especially in private companies.
  • Bioethics and the impact of technologies on human life.
  • Socio-economic and political consultancy.
  • Marketing and communications.
  • Human resources.

To Sum Up

As we have seen, enrolling in a degree course in philosophy means having the doors open to be able to work in different fields. From the most traditional to the most alternative areas: there is no shortage of job opportunities. If you are considering enrolling in philosophy, ask us for more information and get ready to plan for a bright professional future.

If philosophy is your dream, don’t be afraid to follow it, you will find a job in one of the many fields and be a successful specialist.

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