how to regain the desire to study

Tips On How to Regain The Desire For Studying

It happened even to the best students out there – not having the desire to study. And it’s totally ok. In this article, we will give you tips on how to regain the desire to study and become a better student. So, keep on reading for more!

Think Different

According to Dr. Sharon Melnick, author of Success Under Stress, every day we have about 60,000 thoughts on a conscious level. If you’ve just asked yourself, “What the heck is a conscious thought?!” Here, you just got one. The point is, that each of these thoughts can move you closer to or further away from your goals.

99.9% of the thoughts of a demotivated student who has to prepare for a university exam are mental saws: ” I can’t do it “, ” it’s too difficult “, ” I don’t understand anything “, ” I have too little time “, “Maybe I should postpone to the next session, and I don’t have enough time to finish my essay “, etc.

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So, the first tip for regaining the desire to study is to think differently. You have to consciously replace those 59,999 mental saws you have a day, with effective thoughts: “I can do it”, “I have already passed other exams in the past “, “I’m improving every day “, etc. And if you are worried about that essay, you think you can’t complete, the writemyessay service might be the right solution for you.

Study For The Right Reasons

If your motivation to study is based solely on the desire to ” pass exams ” or perhaps, even worse, on the desire to make your parents happy, you will never have enough “fuel” to effectively face your university career. To regain the desire to study you have to dig deeper.

Stop studying for the exams and the final grade: they are just tricks created to test your level of preparation. Study for a sincere desire to learn new knowledge and a healthy desire to prove yourself the best in your field. And if you feel like at the same time some assignments are just not for you, you can delegate them to professional services, like the websites that write essays for you online. Delegating isn’t making you a worse student.

Adopt The “Zen Garden” Strategy

In a Zen Garden, nothing is too much: every single aspect of the environment is studied in detail so that the observer can immerse himself in contemplation without distractions.

The environment in which you study can greatly influence your degree of motivation. The computer accessing the Facebook page, the smartphone that continues to notify you of WhatsApp messages, the TV that talks all the time: all these elements affect your concentration, making your study sessions ineffective and frustrating.

When you start studying, create your own Zen Garden around you: close the computer (unless it is essential for studying or a very useful website, like, mute the smartphone, and turn off the TV.

Make A Study Program

Often, we do not want to study because we are literally overwhelmed by the amount of material to be prepared. We don’t know where to start and so… let’s not start! My advice is to take each exam starting from a good study program.

We have already seen how an effective study program is defined when talking about backward planning, what I have never told you is that a study program can be a double-edged sword: if you make a program that includes more hours of study than necessary, you find yourself wasting time in vain; on the contrary, if you make a program that is too “compressed”, you risk not respecting it, generating unnecessary anxiety and frustration.

how to regain the desire to study

So, what can you do to improve your planning skills? This week set yourself daily study goals, for example: “ I study 3 chapters in 5 hours “. Then measure the time it actually takes you to study those chapters. Finally divide the time taken by the one initially estimated: the number you will get is your very personal ” planning error “. Discovering your planning error will help you to make better study programs.

By the way, here is another motivating article for you, if you always wanted to apply to the essay competition and try your skills in that field – Important Reasons Why You Should Participate in an Essay Writing Competition.


We hope that by applying these strategies you can really find the desire to study again. If we’ve managed to ignite even a little spark, stop fooling around and face those college tomes head-on.

And if the desire has returned to you, but you lack the study method, then you have to start by identifying your cognitive style!

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