top gifts for xmas

Top 11 Gifts for Xmas

Christmas is coming. On this magical holiday, we would like to present to all people we love something special. But sometimes, it is so hard to find such gifts, especially if your friends seem to have everything.

If you do not know what to present to your important people, check up on this material. We’re going to be looking at 11 X-Mas gifts ideas.

1. Candles

A candle is one of the most emblematic Christmas presents, as it symbolizes light, warmth, and faith as well as comfort, peace, and magic. Today, there is a huge choice of candles for every taste. It has been argued that the color of a candle expresses your wishes to people you present this. For example, a white candle means purity of intention, a red one is courage and masculinity, a yellow one symbolizes femininity, a blue one — serenity.

top gifts for christmas

2. Books

It’s a good and useful gift for every taste and different ages. With the correct choice of a book, you show you appreciate the interests of the person to whom you present this. A book as a gift can also be a sort of care, when, for example, you present an anti-stress coloring book. Magic gardens, lost oceans, or colorful countries from its pages will play out in fresh colors in the hands of both an adult and a kid. Warm and good stories that are read in the evening while it’s snowing outside will also be a great gift.

3. Throw Pillows

Decorative pillows are the most affordable and democratic gift. Moreover, it will suit everybody — men, women, and kids. Just imagine that after a hard-working day, your loved one leans on your gift and remembers you gratefully. You can choose cushions going them with the color of curtains or a sofa. Unique pillows can also become a bright spot in the interior and highlight an original style of the room.

Moreover, you can present pillows with any pattern or print. Creative pillows are very exclusive, as you can print on them any pattern or image you want. In this case, fantasy is limitless. As for kids, you can print their favorite cartoon heroes on pillows creating a great gift in this way.

top gifts for xmas

4. Creative Notebooks

New Year is about new events, tasks, and goals. Why not start it with a blank sheet … of a new notebook. This gift will be useful and highlight the personality of its owner. A notebook made from vintage fabrics and decorated with paintings by famous artists can inspire its owner for something creative. Modern notebooks are also capable of training creativity: Here, you can write, draw, color images, create great plans, keep a budget, etc. It’s up to you. The most important thing is to choose with love.

5. Gift Boxes

If you have a lot of gift ideas and don’t know what to choose, put everything you want in one box. You will present a lot of feelings to those who will hold such a gift in their hands. In a magic box, you can put goodies, cards, tickets for an interesting event, etc. Moreover, you can find ready Christmas boxes filled with certificates for wellness services, motivational challenges, and tasks for every day.

6. DIY Christmas Tree Decorations

Of course, the easiest and shortest way is to buy a Christmas tree decoration. But just imagine how exciting it would be to a person to know this beautiful thing was created especially for him. Moreover, a delicate Christmas angel or a colorful Christmas ball will remind him about you every year. Isn’t it a pleasure?

No money but still a nice Christmas

There are many ideas for Christmas tree decorations. Some of them don’t even require special abilities, and the relevant lessons can be found on the Internet or at offline master classes.

7. Pajamas

Pajamas are a wonderful gift in any season, especially in the winter. Many modern fashion brands specialize in the manufacturing of pajamas. Comfortable, classic, or funny — the variety of assortment can surprise you. And just imagine, someone will fall asleep and wake up remembering you.

gifts for xmas

8. Knitted Clothes or Party Clothes

Knitted hats, gloves, scarves, and blankets are always useful in winter. An interesting option is knitted clothes in the same style for the whole family. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a T-shirt or a sweatshirt — such family unity will surely warm everyone.

9. Sphero indi At-Home Learning Kit

Speed into STEAM with this indi kit designed to engage kids ages 4+ in hours of exciting exploratory learning and play at home. Perfect for parents, grandparents, caretakers, or anyone looking to equip their young learners with coding, computational thinking, and problem-solving skills, the indi At-Home Learning Kit provides hours of self-guided, screenless engagement.

Sphero indi At-Home Learning Kit

Kids will discover how to communicate instructions to indi with color cards, solve puzzles, and direct indi through mazes they dream up. Once they’ve mastered screenless programming, kids can learn block coding concepts by changing how indi reacts to different color cards in the Sphero Edu Jr app.

10. Board Games

Board games with unusual plots can add a great number of feelings to your evenings. They give an extra reason to spend time together, as well as a good possibility to get to know each other better and become even closer. Today, there are many board games, and you can easily choose anything interesting for every taste and age.

11. Blanket

In winter, it can be very cold, and sometimes you want to make cocoa and read some interesting book, covered with a warm blanket. This gift will be relevant in every cold season. You can be sure this Christmas gift will not be gathering dust on the shelf.

Wrapping up

It is crucial to understand that gifts are good, but even a greeting card and a deliciously set table are already great. Remember that the bright holiday is a family one and it is not so much gifts that are important as attention.

May Christmas 2022 be kind and happy!

Salman Zafar

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