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No Money But Still A Nice Christmas!

You probably know it? You don’t have a lot of money but you still want to surprise your family and friends at Christmas in a fun way. If you don’t have a lot of money, you have to be creative with what you have. This article explains the creative ways to organise a fun Christmas with little money.

1. Make your own Christmas cards

Perhaps one of the most cliché points of this article is making your own Christmas cards. There are various ways of doing this. A good example is to make your own cards by hand, but this takes a lot of time. Making cards by hand is a good idea but if you are short of time, it is better to do it another way.

No money but still a nice Christmas

The best way to make your own Christmas cards if you don’t have the time is to design something yourself on the computer. The advantage of designing something digitally is that it is fast and you can give it a personal touch with photos. When you are done, you can have your Christmas cards printed (translation: kerstkaarten laten drukken in Dutch) and then send them to your friends and family.

2. Save up Christmas cards

Another great idea is to save the Christmas cards you receive and hang them up in a nice shape. Because you use old Christmas cards and new ones, you can make something really beautiful out of them by, for example, hanging them up in a nice Christmas shape. Because you hang up Christmas cards in a nice Christmas shape, you can still create a Christmas atmosphere in your own home with a low budget. Another advantage is that people like the fact that their Christmas cards have a nice place in the house.

3. Look at what you no longer need

Perhaps the best way to save on your Christmas budget is to look at what you no longer need. If there is something you no longer use but is still in good condition, you can give it to someone else. Make sure you have in mind whether the recipient really needs or likes it. Of course, you are not finished yet because you still have to wrap it.

get into christmas spirit

The finishing touch is the most important thing. You can print your own labels (translation:  etiketten bedrukken in Dutch) to give your Christmas present your own twist.

In short, there are various ways to get through Christmas cheaply. The trick is to see what you already have in your skillset and use it to your advantage.

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