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The Importance of Online Plagiarism Checkers

Don’t get intimidated by all this talk you hear about online plagiarism checkers. Relax! They are no big deals. Online plagiarism checkers are secure, fast, and credible. That is why we have brought you this interesting article where you cannot only learn about the necessity of this tool but also some different types of options that you can definitely consider while choosing a plagiarism checking tool.

Lack of Awareness

We all have heard and dealt with this word plagiarism. However, most of us don’t have a clear understanding of it. If you are one of those, don’t worry! This article brings you complete detail on plagiarism and how to deal with it by using online plagiarism checkers. Plagiarisms are of various types, for example, deliberate, unintentional, paraphrased, etc.

Keeping this discussion short, you need to know a few things. Copy pasting is a complete no! In case you do, properly cite it by giving credits to the original writer. Even paraphrasing or taking an idea from another source also requires citation. If you haven’t copy-pasted, paraphrased, or stolen an idea, your content still might contain unintentional plagiarism. Hence here comes the need for plagiarism checkers! 

Plagiarism Checkers are a Must! 

As discussed above, if you haven’t copy pasted any material while writing your content, you still need a reliable plagiarism checker. You might be wondering why. Here is the answer: nobody writes without getting influenced by other’s content.

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Whatever we write is actually a reflection of what we read around. Thus, many times, we end up producing the same phrases that produce unintentional plagiarism. Therefore, it is important to use a plagiarism checker, which can surely save you from humiliation in the future. 

Exploring Your Options

Internet is flooded with various kinds of anti plagiarism tools. You don’t need to use all of them. Explore your options and stick to a single reliable plagiarism checker. By reliable, it means a plagiarism checker with a vast database. The greater the database, the more accurate the results it will generate. All plagiarism detectors have one or two unique features; however, the basic mechanism on which they function is almost similar—comparing the text with their database and then generating the results in the form of a percentage.

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The following are three very popular plagiarism checkers that you might consider the next time you want to know your plagiarism percentage. 

1. Turnitin 

It is an excellent plagiarism checker for educational purposes, where it equally benefits both students and teachers. It allows the teachers to form an online classroom where students can upload their class assignments.

Each time a student uploads an assignment, it is read by Turnitin’s repository, which generates a Similarity Report. The Similarity Report is nothing but the percentage of plagiarism existing within the assignment. Turnitin has a Multiple Submission feature, which allows the students to resubmit their paper in case they want to remove plagiarism. 

2. Grammarly

Grammarly is originally a proofreading software that helps people communicate in not only a grammatically correct manner, but it also polishes their expression, thus making it more eloquent and appealing. The premium package of Grammarly also offers a plagiarism checking feature. This is not free but comes with an affordable range of prices.

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This feature has a database of more than 16 billion web pages and generates similarity results within no time. The generated result highlights plagiarized content, providing you an opportunity to either rephrase the text or provide proper citations for it. 

3. DupliChecker

It is yet another very popular plagiarism checker nowadays. The best feature regarding this software is that it is entirely free. DupliChecker also works the other way around by providing bloggers a chance to find out whether someone is stealing their content.

They just provide URL of the suspected website, and DupliChecker will bring forward the traces of plagiarism. Like Grammarly, this software also includes proofreading features, which makes it a perfect tool for students. 

Making a Habit

It doesn’t matter whether you are a student, blogger, journalist, or researcher; make it your habit to cross-examine your content with the help of a plagiarism detector before finalizing your content. Believe it or not, but this is such a relief from any future consequences. Test a few plagiarism checkers and see which one suits you the best. Want to save some time? Why not consider the above-mentioned options? We bet you won’t be disappointed! 

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