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Top 8 Plagiarism Checker Plugins for WordPress

To check plagiarism is of great importance among writers, students, and bloggers and sometimes it’s not easy to check plagiarism. So if you are worried about plagiarized content in your blog, essay or academic writing assignment, then we got some solution for this problem. We will discuss some top paid and free plagiarism checker plugin for the WordPress website.

These plagiarism checker plugin will run fast on your website will auto-detect if someone is copying your content. These plugins are user-friendly and will help you to improve the SEO ranking of your website. We have shortlisted some best top rated plugin on the basis of public reviews rating and features.

1. Plagiarism Auto-Check

This Plugin is known as the best plagiarism checker for WordPress since it’s been in the market. It offers a completely user-friendly framework.

plagiarism checker wordpress

You will find out the exact pages that your genuine material has been copied. You may also become aware of the name of the user, the email ids, and the addresses where plagiarized your content.

Not only can you protect your content, but you can also monitor people’s reactions to your content.

Pricing Auto-Check WordPress platform for plagiarism

It has two pricing plans depending on its models. Standard License $17 and Pro Version $85.00.

Plagiarism Plugin Features:

By using this user can give DMCA request to download their copied content if someone has done this.

To use Google search services, the tool is designed for Google’s custom search API.

It automatically detects plagiarism.

2. Copyscaper

Copyscaper is popular due to its user interface while checking plagiarism. The plugin consists of various Copyscape APIs that allow you to directly inspect the plagiarized content in your WordPress dashboard.

If anyone copies your content without your knowledge copyscaper will find it. Copyscaper identifies the copied data automatically so that you don’t need to copy and paste text from your content to test again & again.

Copyscaper WordPress Plugin pricing

You can get only $25 for your standard or simple package and expand your license to $95 for unlimited benefits and apps.

Plagiarism Checker SEO Tool features

You won’t need to check articles multiple times by adding this plugin to your website, because copyscaper keeps track of all your results.

With this, you can grant all writers or editors permission to test the replication of the post.

It scans the list of contents for duplicates to be reviewed.

3. Prepostseo: Plagiarism Checker For Free

Now, this is a truly effective, free plagiarism checker plugin. Relatively it has featured less than others, but for any blogs or content, it will work perfectly. The plugin detects your content errors before it is written, and also increases the SEO ranking of your websites

Prepostseo WordPress Plugin pricing

Get this free WordPress plugin for free. It is available for download from

Plagiarism Checker features

Its best part of checking plagiarism is that it tests the links or anchor tags used in your post if they work or are broken.

This tool identifies your page’s overall SEO rating and gives you suggestions for improving your posts.

Search the contents for the spells and grammar errors.

The Prepostseo plagiarism checker WordPress plugin is 10 times accurate than others.

4. Small SEO Tool

The reason why people like it is immense. It is completely free and gives the website tons of apps.

This plugin allows you to scan the website’s texts or posts, and complain if it discovers plagiarized material there. It is user-friendly, the evaluations are worth applying.

Pricing WordPress Small SEO Tool

This is a free WordPress plagiarism app. You can then continue to use it without paying a single penny.

Tool features

This plugin allows you to check out the various old posts or forums.

Download some blog files or URLs to search for plagiarized content.

5. Free Online Plagiarism Checker

It is one of the fastest online content monitoring tools in just 5 seconds to complete this process.

It is built for Webmasters, pupils, teachers, and writers, between WordPress users. It checks your post’s text and shows the result if the material is original or duplicated.

Free Online Plagiarism Checker Pricing

This plugin is free of charge and doesn’t cost you a dollar. It is the best way to search for a free plagiarism scanner.

Checker Widget Features

This plug-in is fully SEO-optimized to increase the ranking of your website search engine.

For your previously reviewed materials, you can generate reports and share them with your team members.

The Density of Keywords can be tested with a single word, two words, or phrases in your text.

The plugin also detects your content’s grammatical errors.

7. TruVisibility Plagiarism Checker

WordPress Checker is a fully customizable TruVisibility Plage Detector tool to help you add widgets wherever you are.

It comes with so many good features that we won’t ignore them at all. The plugin will recognize what pages the original contents have referenced. With the single click, you can get WHOIS details from the person who copied your materials, including name, title, e-mail address and telephones and can send a DMCA notification directly to that user at the same time.

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TruVisibility WordPress plugin pricing

Download this app from free of charge only.

Plagiarism Detector Tool features

It will alert you via email if someone has copied your content.

You can use the no-follow backlinks to pick “receive a warning” for sites.

The plugin maintains in its storage records of every plagiarized result.

8. Plagiarism Checker Pro

Online Plagiarism Checker App It’s free time! Here’s a free plagiarism checker plugin for WordPress that looks just as well as premium plugins. This app gives you a lot of free apps and you can’t, after all, whine.

Whenever a plagiarized post is verified, it offers a protected channel (HTTPS).

Plagiarism Checker Pro Premium Pricing

This copied content checker premium is easy and simple, cost you nothing. Plagiarism Checker Pro Premium Pricing: This copied content checker premium is easy and simple, cost you nothing. It can be downloaded from and is totally free.


You can test your WordPress post plagiarism including the content-based percentage.

WordPress plugin designed solely by SEO.

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