How to Prepare for the Transition from High School to College?

So here you are counting down the days till going to college. You’re overwhelmed as there are so many things you’ve been told, there are so many myths to be busted, and so many secrets to be revealed. Is it even possible to prepare for the transition to college? We believe that you can’t predict everything. Still, there are some truly useful tips for the high school to college transition that can come in handy, so check them out.

1. Develop Independent Study Skills

According to Forbes Magazine, this is one of the top skills to acquire. The thing is that college professors won’t worry about your studies as much as your school teachers did. In other words, if you missed the deadline, it’s your problem only. That is why it will be a great idea to develop your abilities to manage your time, search for material, and just keep yourself organized, while you’re still in high school.

2. Improve Your Reading Skills

It goes without saying that college life means reading a lot (like really a lot). What is more, it’s not only about reading but the way you can select the important data, analyze it and then provide your own outlook on the idea. In other words, you need to start improving critical reading skills now, as it will be of real help later. You will probably have to write a lot of essays and research papers, too.

And if you want to succeed in writing essays, you will have to improve your reading skills first. Nowadays, the use of technology in universities is increasingly popular and supports students in learning. So, we recommend a few tablets from Netbook News that can help you improve your reading.

3. Learn about Self-Care

Don’t get surprised, as it’s as crucial as anything else. USC News interviewed several students majoring in some disciplines to get advice from them. As it turned out, learning to care about yourself (your physical and mental health) is really important. When you’re snowed under assignments, or when you’re facing another all-nighter to meet the deadlines, you need to remember that you’re a person that deserves self-care and love.

For instance, Emma Collins, a freshman psychology major, says that If it’s already 1 AM, and the test is tomorrow, she’d better go and get some sleep rather than stay up till some absurd hours. This will be more effective, and definitely more essential.

school to college journey

Studying gets stressful, so don’t hesitate to ask for help if you really need it. Struggling to complete your assignment? Don’t be ashamed to ask your friends for help or seek help online. Such large communities like Quora or Reddit can help you deal with most of your college problems. According to LegitWritingServices, finding someone to help you with your essay or assignment on Reddit is fairly easy. This is one of the largest communities in all of the internet, so why not use its power to your advantage?

4. Learn to Manage the Finances

As you know, leaving for college means learning how to budget and manage finances on your own. That is why, it is advisable to start it now. Be ready to analyze what you need money for.

See whether you can apply for scholarship, or think what you need college loans for. Figuring out this at an early stage will make you worry less in the future. If you feel like you have enough time, it is also recommended to find a part-time job to be able to earn some extra cash.

5. Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

Today, the competition is tough. Moreover, with all the social media it always seems like you’re falling behind. This is how many college students fall into the trap of perfectionism and then end up feeling at the edge of a nervous breakdown. If you’re having trouble deciding on a college major, consider taking online college classes to find out what you’re interested, visit to learn more

Our advice is stop comparing yourself to others. You’re a unique personality and your life road will have its own bumps. However, remember that all the mistakes you’re going to make are important for you to grow, so don’t get too hard on yourself.

Salman Zafar

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