MSPs and eSignature

Outsourced Services: Why MSPs Should Use e-Signature

Most companies need business services for their daily operations, but no one wants to pay hefty prices. The managed service providers offer a range of business services in affordable packages, including e-signature. With e-signature services, MSPs can offer their clients more than just useful IT services and increase their profits.

High-Grade Encryption for All Data

An MSP needs high-grade encryption for all customer or business data and must follow current IT standards. High-grade encryption protects sensitive data and prevents security breaches. They send the e-signature link through a secure link with SSL certification that prevents outsiders from seeing documents or accessing signatures.

Faster Delivery to Clients

Managed service providers offer a choice of services, and these outsourced services handle a variety of tasks. In addition to IT services, the MSP offers e-signature services with faster turnaround times. Businesses get managed networks, tech support, and business services. Companies can use e-signature services to send links to customers and quickly collect signed contracts.

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Easy E-Signature Application and Storage for Documents

Third-party MSPs get the customer’s email address from the company owner for the e-signature services. When the customer clicks the link, the system sends them to a verification page. After verifying the info, the client types in their name to apply the e-signature.

MSPs send the documents to companies after collecting the e-signature. They include storage options for companies using the MSP’s internet and network services. The MSP stores all documents in a cloud-based storage design, and the business owner can review them whenever they want.

You Pay a Flat-Rate Fee

E-signature and IT services are available at a flat rate. Customers choose the most affordable package from a price list provided by the MSP. There are several outsourced services that include e-signatures, and the client can customize their package.

Outsourced IT services can include tech support, network administration, and data systems management. Getting these services along with e-signature options saves businesses money.

User Authentication for All Customers and Workers

E-signature services require authentication steps for customers and workers. Customers click the link in their email account, and the e-signature service asks them a series of questions. The customer must provide information that confirms their identity, like their name and date of birth. In order to speed up authentication and verification, business data systems store these details.

MSPs and eSignature

Workers must sign into an MSP-authenticated account. Outsourced services are set up with a list of employees that need access. Authentication and permissions are based on the employee’s role.

All organizations can get outsourced IT services from managed service providers, and their options are affordable. Using e-signature is a terrific service MSPs should offer to their clients. Third parties can send customers a link to get an electronic signature on legal documents. Companies get signed documents faster, and they don’t have to wait for customers to return them.

Like outsourced IT services, e-signature services include high-grade encryption to protect customer data. They offer flat rates and affordable packages for organizations using outsourced services. Managed service providers store all signed documents in the cloud and block workers who don’t have authorized access. These managed services help companies get legally binding documents by authenticating users and verifying customers’ identities. Get in touch with a dedicated service provider to learn more about e-signature services.

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