10 Most Amazing Eco-friendly Travel Experiences Around the World

It is important to learn how to reduce your environmental impact while you discover new places in an amazing way. The following are the 10 most amazing eco-friendly travel experiences all around the world:

1. The Game Watchers’ Safari in Africa

There is no better way to be co-friendly more than staying close to the amazing animals in their natural habitat. You can stay in camps and lodges in Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa, where you are never far from the intimate safari experience. Click here to check some amazing places to visit in Tanzania.


In addition to Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa, there are tours that will take you to other leading destinations where you can contribute meaningfully to the survival of natural ecosystems around Africa as a volunteer, in addition to the sightseeing experience. The undisturbed personal adventure in the African Safari gives you the opportunity of how the wildlife ecosystems are sustained.

2. La Fortuna Wildlife Rescue Center Tour and Volunteering

This is one of the most amazing eco-friendly travel experiences in the world, because it gives you the chance to become a volunteer and save the lives of animals on the verge of extinction. Aside from becoming a volunteer, you can learn about the Costa Rican wildlife by getting close and personal with the amazing wildlife animals.

You will also learn about this center’s activities that focus on the protection and rehabilitation of endangered local animals. The experience includes entrance fees, transport, tour and volunteering, and professional guide.

3. Become an Earth Watch Ambassador

The Earth Watch Institute in the United States offers an amazing eco-friendly opportunity to be part of over 50 expeditions all around the world. As an ambassador traveling all around the world, you can actually help researchers collect environmental data that can help them build sustainable cities that are resilient against climate change and other global warming problems. This is one of the best eco-friendly opportunities because you will be able to adventure with science.

You can search for opportunities based on your region (Asia, Africa, Central America, and so on). You can also search for eco-friendly experience based on activity level (easy, moderate, extreme, and so on), and then choose the date, volunteering type and research type. 

4. Take Part in the Community Gardens in Copenhagen

It is quite easy to discover more growth in the world’s eco-systems by indulging in a number of projects. The community garden planting in Copenhagen is one of such projects that takes part in the town of Ostergro. There are no skyscrapers here, and there are no rambling city noises, but a group of railway sleepers who live on rooftops , and lots of parks , that are being turned into eco-friendly gardens.

5. Experience climate change at the edge of the Arctic

You can only experience the greatest effect of global warming by taking a tour to the Arctic end. You can sign up to be part of a team of explorers to take samples and record the shrinking ice, retreating glaciers, and melting snow.

The Earth’s Watch Institute provides a complete package for Arctic exploration and such packages include accommodation and food. This is an eco-friendly adventure where you can learn what climate change means to every living thing in the world. It is the perfect way of measuring the real evidences of global warming.

6. Explore the Quetzal in Costa Rica

Natural habitat adventures gives you the chance to explore natural eco-sustaining activities around the globe. The Quetzal, Costa Rica is one of the most suitable places you can find thousands of species of unique birds surviving in their natural habitat without hindrances. Learn about the eco-culture that helped these animals survived in their natural habitats.

7. The Eco Zip Line Adventure, Bangkok

This is an eco-friendly primal adventure in one of the best eco-friendly rainforest in Thailand. It is a full day zip line travel that helps you discover some of the ancient eco systems in the country. It remains one of the biggest canopy zip line tours in Asia and around the world.

8. Explore the Everglades of Florida

One of the best possible ways of experiencing natural eco-systems in the Easter coast of the United States is to embark on a tour of the Everglades. The serenity of the Noosa waterways, plus the twisted mangroves as well as diverse creatures lurking around the murky waters are so magnificent. The Everglades is part of the Great Sandy National Park and extends towards Fraser Island , which happens to be the largest sandy Island in the world.

9. The Rice Terraces, Waterfalls and Monkey Forest in Gianyar, Indonesia

Another incredible eco-friendly tour you must not miss. It is the perfect way to explore the center of art and tradition in Bali, Indonesia. Visit the eco-friendly Batuan Temple before heading to the Ubud monkey forest and then enjoy a great lunch overlooking the evergreen landscape which is near the famous Tegalalang Rice Terraces.

 10. Trek Through the Himalayas, India

Don’t forget to spend a night in the Himalayas village in India to have a first-class experience of the tradition as well as the vistas. You wouldn’t forget your interaction with local people and you will be part of an ethical ecotourism which include the construction of solar-powered homes and greenhouses in the region.


The Himalayas in India is one of the few communities that has embraced 100% eco-friendly switch from modern ways of living, hence you will gain a lot of experience about how to create 100% eco-friendly lifestyle that can be sustained for many years to come.


There is no single way to achieve natural tourism experiences all around the world. It is even more fun when you are part of a team exploring different eco-systems, especially how they work and how they are able to survive the extremities of adverse conditions. You can equally achieve more experience when you travel around the world as a lone or independent traveler.

If you want to optimize your eco-friendly travel experience, you should incorporate some volunteerism, where you can help gather information or help in rescuing some animals and plants. Doing this will surely give you a sense of responsibility and you will feel fulfilled for lending a help.

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