Ecotourism: Outlook for Jordan

Ecotourism in Jordan is witnessing a multi-dimensional evolution from pure economic opportunities to a wider industry that embraces environmental and community-based development as core elements. Responding to the local, regional and international traveler’s preference, ecotourism provides a perfect platform for responsible sustainable businesses to utilize green investment and community empowerment in creating niche services and products.

Competitive Advantage

The scarcity and uniqueness of natural resources in the MENA countries, including Jordan, are becoming a competitive advantage that opens new doors for eco and adventure tourism. Social and green innovation is another dimension that triggers new ideas for micro and small businesses supporting job creation and income generation for locals especially youth and women. While investors usually look outside for market trends, the ecotourism sector provides valuable opportunities at home.

Jordan – A Role Model

Jordan was one of first Middle East countries to realize the socio-economic value of its diverse and unique environment. Since the 1960s, Jordan took serious steps to protect its natural environment through the establishment of the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN) which is mandated to establish and manage protected areas. In 1993, and through the establishment of Dana Biosphere, Jordan positioned ecotourism as a key cluster that mainstreams economic and social development within environmental protection.

Today, Jordan has 10 natural reserves that provide the tourist with exceptional experience in enjoying nature and helping communities. Jordan’s experience in ecotourism has gained global recognition and became a model for partnerships between the government, NGOs and local communities.

RSCN figures indicate that its ecotourism projects generated JD1.5 million (around USD 2.1 million) in 2015, when 175,000 people visited the nature reserves, 65 per cent of whom were foreigners.

Dana Biosphere Reserve is an area of remarkable beauty, history, and biodiversity

Future Perspectives

For ecotourism to flourish and achieve its development vision, several enablers need to be in place including soft and hard infrastructure. Governments, private sector and international agencies would need to work together to provide a conducive legal and regulatory framework, access to land, financing instruments, local human and institutional capacity development, attractive investment climate as well as convenient and affordable transportation. In addition, enabling more local innovation and social entrepreneurship would really be the added value to sustain the future of ecotourism in MENA region.


Ruba Al-Zu'bi

Ruba Al-Zu'bi is leading the scientific research and innovation portfolio at Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation. She is an advocate for mainstreaming environment into all development sectors, a strong communicator and change agent, and an engineer who is passionate about linking science to development.
Prior to joining Shoman Foundation, Ruba served as the first Policy Director at the Ministry of Environment and as the Chief Executive Officer of EDAMA Association for Energy, Water and Environment - the first Jordanian business association in the green technology sector. Ruba previously contributed to the successful implementation of key policy reform and development projects in the sustainable development arena. She also led the Clean Technology Sector Development component at USAID Jordan Competitiveness Program that aimed at enhancing private sector’s competitiveness, creating jobs and increasing exports in the clean energy, solid waste and water management clusters.
Al-Zu'bi is active in the NGOs field locally and internationally. She is a founding member of the Jordan Green Building Council and a Plus Social Good Connector with the United Nations Foundation. She was Jordan's Eisenhower Fellow for 2012 and continues to advocate for green innovation and entrepreneurship throughout her journey.

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