Pondicherry Tourism and Some of the Best Hotels in Pondicherry

Pondicherry is one of the union territories in India that is located to the south. It was formerly ruled by the French and changed its name to Puducherry in 2006. The Union territory of Puducherry consists of four unconnected districts namely Puducherry, Karikal and Mahe district. Pondicherry is a destination for tourists as they can enjoy different activities such as boating, scuba diving, etc. They can also visit some interesting places such as Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Botanical Garden, and Auroville etc. The tourists should ideally visit this place from October to March because the climate is favorable. During summer, it is too hot. So, the tourists seek for an accommodation in hotels. Some of the well-known hotels in Pondicherry are Le Royal Park, Bonjour Bonheur, Shenbaga Hotel, Accord Pondicherry hotel etc. They can find some luxury hotels in this place.


Places to Visit in Pondicherry

Pondicherry is known for its rich culture and heritage, natural beauty and provides an enriching coastal experience to the tourists. It is only the diving coast in the eastern coast of India and visited by tens of thousands of tourists every year. The tourists can visit many places in Pondicherry that are worth-visiting.

1. Sri Aurobindo Ashram

It is one of the serene and peaceful tourist spot in the city. This ashram was founded in 1926 by Sri Aurobindo. This ashram also consists of a library and they provide physical training to the students in the sports, swimming, and asana and provide strength training to the students.

2. Promenade

This place is a naturally-formed promenade and is scenic. The visitors can enjoy the cool breeze in the evening and is perfect for long strolls around the city.

3. Auroville Beach

The beach is located in the corner of the forests and is one of the admired destinations of tourists. Usually, the visitors of the ashram visit this place and enjoying sitting in the peaceful escapade. The visitors can visit this beach anytime.

4. Chunambar Boathouse

It is a perfect place for boating and this boathouse is located on the backwaters. It is a meeting point of the Chunnambar River and Bay of Bengal. Here, the visitors can enjoy playing some beach games along with their family members. They can enjoy the rays of the sun during mornings and evenings.  They can enjoy their boating in rowed boats, motorboats, paddled boats, etc. Many famous restaurants are located in this place and they serve some delicious items such as Chinese noodles, rice, Tandoori food and other items.

5. Botanical garden in Pondicherry

It is a large garden of 22 acres built by the French colonist who planted some queer plants that looked beautiful.

6. Manakula Vinayagar Temple

It is a 500-old temple known as the oldest shrine in the region. The word ‘Manakula’ means located near the pond. This area is beautiful surrounded by sand containing beautiful architectural pattern consisting of beautiful architectural design. The main feature of this temple is the gold-laminated kodi kamban.

7. Aayi Mandapam and Bharathi Park

It is a beautiful historical site built in 1854 by Louis Gurre. This site is surrounded by the beautiful Bharati Park.

8. French War Memorial

It is a historical site situated on the Goubert Avenue to commemorate the soldiers who died during the World War I. It is one of the popular tourist places of Pondicherry.

It is located 170 kms from Chennai and 233 kms away from Madurai. Earlier it was known as the Vedapuri means the home of the sages. It was formerly ruled by Portuguese, English, Dutch and French and the city is separated into two quarters namely the French quarters and the Indian quarters.

Luxury hotels in Pondicherry

The tourists can choose a landmark to select the best hotel in Pondicherry. They should mention the details of the guest in the room. Some of the famous hotels in Pondicherry are the following:

1. Palais De Mahe

It offers an outdoor swimming pool for the visitors and many other amenities to the visitors. It also provides free Wi-Fi connection. It is located 1.6 meters away from the Aurobindo Ashram and 3.7 kms away from the airport. The visitors can enjoy sitting in the rooms of the hotels as they are well air-conditioned, a seating area and a mini bar. They also provide electric kettle, private bathroom and a shower.


2. Pondicherry Executive Inn

It is one of the hotels located in White Town and provides several amenities to the visitors. It provides many other features to the visitors such as free Wi-Fi facility, air conditioner etc. It is a hotel known for providing comfort and cleanliness.

3. Le Dupleix

It is a 5-star heritage property surrounded by a beautiful garden. The visitors should take a 5-minute walk from the beach. It is known for its excellent customer service and friendly staff.

4. Promenade hotel

It is a hotel that consists of outdoor pool and dining options to the visitors. It provides free Wi-Fi connection to the visitors. They offer laundry services for 24 hours and also features ocean on the front side. In the restaurant, they serve many delicious recipes to the visitors such as Mediterranean food, light snacks and various drinks. The visitors can also enjoy other facilities in the hotel such as swimming pool, spa, restaurant, tea and coffee machine etc.

5. Lamel Cove Beach Resort

It is one of the beautiful beachfront hotels in Pondicherry offering a refreshing experience. It consists of exquisite rooms and offers easy access to different destinations of the city. This resort also provides various Continental, Indian and Asian cuisines to the visitors. It consists of large puffy beds providing free facilities such as Wi-Fi and air conditioning. They also offer breakfast services to the visitors.

The visitors can enjoy their stay in Pondicherry for some days and they should seek for an accommodation in some well-furnished hotels. They should book in advance so that they can select the best hotel in and enjoy Pondicherry tourism.

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