outdoor activities for entire family

Things The Entire Family Can Do To Stay Active

Staying active as a family can be challenging, especially in this era where most kids are always occupied with their tech devices. Doing fun activities with the family is not just to keep everyone healthy but also to build a closer relationship with one another. Here are a few fun things you and your family can do together to stay active:

1. Leisure Walk at The Park

The first idea is very simple and very cost-effective because most parks do not require an entrance fee so you can visit it with your family and not have to spend anything. A walk around the park is a great way to get the entire family moving and you can do so without the need for any fancy equipment. It is also a great way to get some fresh air and be closer to nature.

If you want to become more active, you can always try jogging as a family. Jogging or running is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise and if you can walk, then chances are you already know how to run. You can also find a space in the park so that you can do some stretches with your family.


2. Swimming

Swimming is not only a great way to stay active, but it is also a great way to stay cool during hot weather. Like jogging, swimming is another form of cardiovascular exercise, and it also allows you to move your entire body instead of just your legs. It is also a great skill for children to have so if your kids have yet to master swimming, you can take this time to teach them and at the same time, bond with them.

Finding a place to swim might not be easy for most of us because it is not a common amenity even in a gated community. If you cannot easily visit the pool, you can always get an inflatable pool that you can set up in your yard. There are also adult-size pools that can fit several people at the same time so the whole family can enjoy it.

outdoor activities for entire family

3. Calisthenics or Anaerobic

Another form of exercising is strength training, and you can get the entire family involved by doing some calisthenics or anaerobic. Some may feel that strength training may be too vigorous for younger children, but the right amount can be good for them because it helps to build their body awareness, control, and balance. It is important to note that this is not to build their muscle but merely to help the kids improve their strength and agility.

There are many types of calisthenics and anaerobic that you can try with the rest of the family. You can do ones without the need for equipment like push-ups or sit-ups, or you can use jump ropes and exercise bands. Older family members can also try weight training with dumbbells and barbells but make sure that the weight of the equipment is appropriate for your skill level to avoid any injuries or overexertion. Invest in barbell collars that are are cost-effective and long-lasting.

4. Gardening and Chores

If you have children and you want to get them more involved with helping around the house, you can try gardening and doing chores as a family. While it might not be a form of exercise, both gardening and chores require a lot of movement which can help you stay active. It can also help to build dexterity for younger children and impose a sense of responsibility on them.


Many parents find it hard to get their children to do chores but by getting everyone involved, it will seem less of a chore and more of a group activity. You can also use gardening to teach kids about nature and the importance of caring for the Earth. Also, instead of flowers or decoration plants, you can plant fruits or vegetables to teach them about where their food comes from.

5. Hiking and Camping

Many active families enjoy hiking because they get to move their entire bodies while spending time with each other. When it comes to camping, those who do it as a family believe that it helps to strengthen bonds and teach younger children how to work together to complete tasks like building a fire or pitching the tent. It is also great to keep them entertained, without the need for any electronic devices.

If you are not keen on camping, you can always just plan a hike once a month at a local trail. Just make sure you have all your equipment and supplies to ease your journey and carry enough water to stay hydrated. Small trails tend to only take less than an hour to complete so you can do it in the morning and still have time in the afternoon to do other activities.

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