crossfit vs orangetheory

Orangetheory vs. CrossFit: Which is the Right Workout Program for You

Exercise is crucial to both mental and physical well-being. And what better way to get in shape than by working out in a group environment. Exercising with others not only motivates but can keep you accountable in case you feel like skipping a session or two. Ready for group workouts? Here is a quick rundown on two of the most popular workout styles around to help you select the one that fits your specific requirements.

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Masterminded in California in 1996, CrossFit is high intensity interval training with a range of movements. Suitable for professionals and newbies, the exercise style can be used to achieve a variety of fitness goals including weight loss, strength training and endurance. The exercises change on a daily basis to add an extra element of difficulty.

The movements used in CrossFit are usually classified into three categories. First one is weight lifting such as weighted squats. Second is gymnastics including moves such as burpees and pull-ups. Lastly, CrossFit incorporates cardio, such as biking and rope jumping.

crossfit vs orangetheory

So what are the main benefits of CrossFit? The exercise system will improve your performance in others sports, such as swimming, running and biking. It will make you faster and stronger. The main goal of CrossFit, however, is to make your daily tasks easier, so expect not to get as puffed out when playing with your kids or shopping for groceries.


Dating back to 2010, Orangetheory involves hour-long group workouts designed to get you into what is referred to as the “orange zone,” or the fat burning zone. Orangetheory is built around the philosophy of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, or that you continue burning calories after your workout. This is because following exercise, your body tries to recover the oxygen it didn’t get during the workout, increasing your metabolism.

Those participating in Orangetheory sessions usually wear heart rate monitors, as the workouts are based around individual fitness levels. Orangetheory focuses on using equipment such as treadmills and rowing machines for cardio exercises, although some strength training is also included. Just like in CrossFit, Orangetheory workouts change on a daily basis.

Which Workout Routine is Right For You

While both CrossFit and Orangetheory are perfect group exercise options, which one you opt for should depend on your current fitness level and goals. In general, orangetheory is better for newbies and those looking to lose weight, as it incorporates more cardio. Orangetheory also tends to be less technical than CrossFit.

Those who have already been spending a lot of time at the gym, fitness gym in Mount Waverley, or athletes looking to take their game to the next level may fare better with CrossFit, says expert from Fitforbeach.DE. “For example, in Germany where the favorite sport by far is football, Orangetheory is the preferred option since it aims to improve speed and strength, and as such is ideal for those seeking to improve their overall sports performance.”

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