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4 Ways Better Education Helps in Environmental Awareness

There has always been an innate link between education and environmental awareness. As we learn more about the world and disseminate this information to students of all ages, awareness can quickly turn to positive action. Better environmental awareness can better arm the population to protect the environment around us and preserve it for generations to come. So, how are improvements in education leading to better environmental awareness?

saving the planet

1. Science understands the world around us better than ever

Hundreds of years ago, people used simple stories to explain the things in the world around them that they did not understand. While this sufficed for many generations, the earliest scientists would not accept anything less than a definitive answer for what made certain things tick. This began the revolutionary idea of the scientific method.

This led generation after generation of scientist to improve upon previous theories and in turn pass this information on to students. This means that the current generation of students has more information at their disposal than any group of students in history. This has led to better awareness of just how fragile the environment is and why we need to take better care of it moving forward.

2. Our investing is done with more purpose

Over time, the way that investors have put their money to work has drastically changed. Whereas investors in the past have looked for nothing more than the highest possible return on their investments, modern investors are seeking to both do good with their funds and receive a return on their investment.

Many are seeking to place their investments in renewable energy projects. These energy systems both provide sustainable and reliable renewable energy over time, and also provide predictable returns to investors. This can be done by projecting how many kilowatt hours a particular wind turbine or solar system will produce over time based on historical wind or solar levels.

Additionally, new educational investing tools from companies teach new investors the ins and outs of the industry. The combination of a better understanding of sustainable technologies and improved education allow environmental awareness to translate into positive financial returns.

3. Downside of failing to act is better understood

Before doing more research on the topic, we had very little idea about the potential catastrophic events that could occur if we degrade our environment past a certain point of no return. Now, thanks to improved education techniques, students of all ages better understand what is truly at stake.


The environment provides so much for us and when certain parts of it are gone, it will be gone forever. Environmental awareness is the only way to begin the process of both maintaining and expanding the existing environment around us.

4. Environment-friendly practices are becoming more cost-effective

As technology has improved, environmentally friendly practices, such as using renewable resources to produce power, has become more cost effective. This is largely because of improved education that allows a new generation of students to discover cheaper materials to use and more efficient processes to create a finished product.

As these practices become more cost effective, more people will be willing to adopt them. As demand rises, economies of scale can drive the prices even lower. This will not be a fast process but it is certainly sped up by improvements in education.

Final Remarks

Better education inevitably leads to more environmental awareness which ultimately leads to a cleaner, more sustainable environment. The more we learn about the world around us, the more we are able to teach future generations about why environmental awareness is so vital to our very existence.

Salman Zafar

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