7 Business Ideas for Green Entrepreneurs

Today’s consumers are aware that their choices impact the environment and are ready to take steps to mitigate such effects. For example, a recent survey discovered that about three-quarters of millennials would pay extra for sustainable goods. This feeling cuts all age groups, showing there is a big market for sustainable products.

Furthermore, engaging in a sustainable business is more than just tapping into a trend; it’s an ingenious way to future-proof your business while contributing to environmental conservation efforts.

Nowadays, ecology is a movement and also a great business. Recent studies have shown that investing in the environmental market has a lot of potential for the green economy of the future. The use of sustainable energy is growing and both entrepreneurs and consumers are generating greater demand in the increase of the product therefore this is favourable not only for the environment but for those looking to start green businesses.

Here are few amazing sustainable business ideas for green entrepreneurs:


1. Green Electric Bicycles

This idea is about offering transportation services that promote alternatives or solutions that promote a healthier environment, such as cycling or electric scooter. One innovative green business is BIBOO Bikes which offers electric bicycles of the best quality. Other innovative enterprises offer renovation and equipment for bicycles, as well as promoting the sale of them.


2. Eco-consulting

Are you living your life green? How about helping others do the same with making their lives more ecological and greener? One way this can turn into a business is eco-consulting, which means you offer advice both on a sustainable but also legal level to help others become more environmentally friendly.

For example you can help a law firm turn its offices and facilities into a greener place by implementing recycling options, changing equipment to sustainable alternatives and more.

3. Eco-friendly retail

Retail and e-commerce have come a long way and today eco-friendly is what everyone is turning to. This does not include only selling organic products but also retail software solutions and rewards programs such as collecting tokens. When a customer has enough of the token they can spend them to buy an organic item or to donate them towards environmental awareness.

An example of such business is Abalo Publicidad which offers eco-friendly office equipment and work clothes. Another one is Eco Carmel based in California which offers gardening and home products, all revolving around ecological living.

Green retail is emerging as an attractive business stream.
Green retail is emerging as an attractive business stream.

4. Financing Ecological Communities

Support for green entrepreneurs interested in helping poorer communities can stimulate economic development, creating jobs and thus helping to reverse the environmental degradation of urban centres. Some business ideas include green investments which starts with microfinancing to institutions to train entrepreneurs who are interested in the preservation of the environment.

Another one includes organizing a loan group in your community. These are good ideas for learning about products and sustainable practice as well as the development of green economy that offer several ways to generate income and are part of innovative ideas in green business today.

5. Eco-friendly Beauty and Cosmetics

If your passion is in the beauty industry, you can start a salon and beauty parlor that uses all-natural products. For instance, organic and vegan hair, organic shampoos and conditioners, vegan nail polishes and natural spa treatments.

6. Green Landscaping

Landscapers are supposed to make your lawns beautiful. However, there is a high carbon cost in the maintenance of lawns. Lawns take up approximately 40 million acres of land in the United States alone. Lawns contribute to carbon emissions, primarily through lawn equipment such as gas-powered leaf blowers, synthetic fertilizers, and lawn mowers.

You could start a business that uses green products in lawn maintenance, such as electric lawnmowers, hedge cutters, and organic fertilizers. Also, your business can promote practices geared towards efficient water use through recycling or planting drought-resistant crops.

7. Clean Energy

More businesses are needed that produce green energy or sell products that can power homes and institutions with minimal environmental impact. The market for renewable energy is projected to grow by 8.4% annually and is currently worth $900 billion. There are many opportunities for renewable energy, such as harvesting wind and solar power, biomass, or selling solar-powered products to homeowners and institutions.

Parting Shot

The future is bright for green businesses. They are the new normal and will keep gaining heat in years to come. It would be best if you started your green business sooner.

Salman Zafar

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