ways to extend your old car’s lifespan

Should-Do Tips To Maintain Your Old Car’s Life

Purchasing a new car is quite expensive today, that is why people tend to renovate their old cars. But an aging car does not mean that it always breaks down. Thus, drivers should not rush to equip their cars with new parts that cost a lot of money.

So, how to extend the life of your old car without wasting much money? This article will share some important ways to help you keep your new car and make the life of your old car longer. Let’s get started right now!

What should you do to care for an old car?

1. Pay attention to the braking system

The braking system seems to be one of the most important features of a car. Thus, you should keep it youthful, and your car can live to prosper. For your aging car, bleeding the brakes should be put on the to-do list.

Some people might be afraid of brake bleeding as they think it is very difficult. Yet, it is even easier than changing the oil if you have the repair manual and the right tools. Talking about how to check the braking system, we should look at its fluid.

For instance, if the fluid flows an amber and clear color, you do not need to worry much as the system is well-maintained. Conversely, the fluid is full of rubber, rust and has a dark black color, which means you must overhaul the brake completely. One tip to keep the braking system young is to flush its fluid every 2 years.

essential tools for car restoration

2. Avoid DIY

Several drivers will think about renovating their aging cars so that they will have a completely new car. Yet, it is not true for this situation. When the car gets older, you should have specialists take care of them, especially if you use them in severe conditions.

It is recommended to have a good repair store to check some parts such as steering or suspension components.

3. The fluid can be a noticeable sign

Almost all drivers hope that the fluid will be not too dark amber when being removed from the oil drain plug. And the problem will occur when the fluid from the crankcase has black in color and includes silvery flakes.

Some worse cases may take place like the oil includes big metal chunks, making drivers panic to some certain extent. If you encounter this situation, get the oil drained first before replacing the filter.

Then, you pour the synthetic oil into the crankcase and start driving your car for about 50-100 miles. Finally, you repeat all the steps above until you see the oil run clear. After three times of changing but you see little progress, let’s think about having a mechanic clean the pan.

Easy ways to extend your old car’s lifespan

1. Keep track of the maintenance schedule

You can check the maintenance schedule in the manual. If you do not want to waste your money, you should follow this schedule. By doing that, your car can run smoothly.

The maintenance contains some things such as oil change, brake pads check, fluid replacing, steering, air filter replacing, and suspension. In general, you can look at your manual to have a clearer overview so that you will know when and what to do.

Besides, you should record all the work you did and keep the receipts as well. In case you cannot find your vehicle’s manual, it is available on the Internet.

2. Keep eyes on unusual noises

Your car’s lifespan is also influenced by how you drive. So, you should avoid switching gears carelessly, overloading, or accelerating rapidly. If you do these actions too often, your vehicle can be worn down quickly.

Also, you should listen to your vehicle when driving to check the unusual noises. For instance, if you hear a rattling or sputtering noise, the car’s exhaust system might have a hole. Whereas, if you hear some ticking sound, you should check the U-joint.

The most important tip is to have a mechanic check carefully. Thus, if you find any unusual thing when driving, turning, braking, or starting the car engine, you should bring it to the garage to check soon.

3. Wax and wash your car frequently

To prevent dirt or rust, you should have your car wash and wax on a regular basis. Yet, car washing depends on each season, the climate, and road conditions.

For example, the muddy road or warmer climate will make you wash your vehicle more often than usual. Also, you should wash or rinse your car at least twice a month to prevent salt and rust damage. If you have a Caravan, you can use caravan cleaning products for a better result.

4. Use high-quality replacement parts and fuel

In case you want to repair your vehicle, think about the genuine and authentic replacement parts. Counterfeit parts cannot complete the car’s function and increase the tear and wear of other components.

ways to extend your old car’s lifespan

As a result, your car’s lifespan will reduce. Besides, purchasing cheap parts might waste your money even more as you must replace them many times. So, it is recommended to buy components suggested by manufacturers.

In terms of fuel, you should take notice of it as it affects directly on your engine parts. Apart from that, some stations filtering oil may own faulty filters and the contaminated fuel will make your aging car more vulnerable.

Use premium fuel if your vehicle needs it. Regular fuel makes the car less fuel-efficient and less powerful.

Closing thought

As you can see, there are plenty of tips on how to extend the life of your old car. The key factor above all is to avoid hard stopping or aggressive driving. Besides, keeping your car clean and waxing regularly also play an integral part in maintaining the vehicle.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you now have a broader vision and know what to do with your aging car.

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