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Is A Sports Car Worth Buying?

Those who have decided to buy a sports car, not only to drive it on the racetrack but also as a means of transport for every day, you need to take this question seriously and with understanding.

It should be noted that having gained dynamics and speed, you will significantly lose comfort, as sports cars usually have thinner tires and stiffer suspension. It is not a disadvantage of the car, everything was done in order to make the car feel more confident at high speeds and steering easily. Depending on the power and speed of the car, the comfort will be less. You can also forget about fuel economy because some models will absorb up to 70 liters of fuel per 100 miles.

Sports cars with acceleration up to 60 mph in under 8 seconds can be classified as sports cars. Another feature of sports cars is the weight, it should not be more than one and a half tons. In general, before buying such a car, one should take into account that driving it will be quite different from driving an ordinary car.

Sport cars have a character of their own, for the sake of them, the owners have to make great sacrifices. They are not suitable for long journeys, the driver and passengers get tired quickly, it is constantly necessary to control the situation so that in case of sharp maneuvers, do not appear in the crash. It is necessary to define at once what type of sportiness you need and start from it.

For many drivers, high horsepower remains the main criterion in the selection of the car. If you are wondering how much horsepower does long tube headers add then you need to check this article out written by titled how much hp do headers add? Characteristically, the majority of such “hotheads” are young people with minimal driving experience, but with champion experience of video racing games. Below are 5 reasons why you should not be guided by a number of “horses” when choosing a sports car.


1. Price

We shall begin with that great ambitions cost dearly, and each horse under the hood costs a pretty penny. It is not a secret that the more powerful the engine, the more expensive it is, but the financial problem is not the only one.

In fact, the “herd” under a hood determines the size of a transport tax, which will become a regular expense item during the operation of such cars. And the more dimensions and weight of a “beast”, the more horsepower it will need, and therefore the tax will be higher.

2. Economy

Continuing a subject of maintenance, we cannot avoid the problem of the greediness of powerful motors. Be ready to visit the petrol station more often and be regularly surprised with your car’s appetite. Certainly, it is easily solved, if you rent a car for a day. You can rent any popular sports car on for just one day.

3. Lifetime

It is not a secret that powerful motors, as a rule, have a smaller service life. In fact, such power units are forced by all available means – with turbocharging or change of valve timing – but in this case, its operating volume does not increase. So, even in standard modes, the engine will work with increased loads. Consequently, its lifetime is shorter than that of simple small engines. It is especially urgent for those who buy a charged model in the secondary market.

4. Traffic Rules Violation

However much one’s ambitions may run wild, one should not forget that so far no one has canceled the traffic rules. Speed is limited on most of our roads, but even the speed limit on greenways remains a dangerous temptation for supercharged sports cars.

And what to speak about driving such cars in city limits with a speed limit of 25 and 40 m/h? Certainly, hot temper and immense opportunities of boosted motors actively provoke for violation of rules, and it is also an appreciable expense for “racers”.

5. Safety

Another, more serious disadvantage of sports car follows from the above mentioned. It is good if the consequences of unreasonable excitement on the road will be limited with just one fine. But because the traffic rules violation becomes the reason of serious accidents with fatal outcome. The more so, that speeding is one of the most widespread infringements on the roads. And we are talking about human lives.

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