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5 Eco-Friendly Projects for College Students

Living a green life is not about adjusting a few behaviors; it is a total hauling of your lifestyle to make clean decisions that are sustainable and more environmentally friendly.

As an eco-friendly college student, there are so many projects you can do to have fun and generate awareness on this topic.

Going “green” has been a trend for quite some time amongst students and the public. The concept has become chic, and I daresay, lucrative for many online businesses, but do people know what this means?

As college students who have higher education, you are in the right position to educate people on how every activity can impact the environment. Some sources that provide online paper writer have blogs where you can find more ideas for eco-projects. You can think up fun ideas for a green project to make this education more interesting. For motivation, here are a few sustainable and eco-friendly project ideas for college students:


1. Recycling Stations

Everyone has heard of the word “recycle,” but how exactly does this work? After you throw waste into the trash, they are transported to incinerators for burning. These things emit a lot of poisonous toxins that cause air and even water pollution. This is bad for the environment, and recycling greatly reduces this amount of waste. Check yourself to make sure you are not wasting money on disposable plastics that add to the build-up of waste in the world. Only buy reusable items like plates, cups, coffee mugs, or even a water bottle.

When you recycle, those products are reused in creating new materials. If more people did this, it would vastly reduce mining for new materials in the soil. This saves a lot of energy and improves environmental sustainability.

recycling station

Building recycling stations around campus and local areas is one amazing project idea. Instead of throwing water bottles into the trash, people can put them into recycling bins. This project is not only a form of raising awareness; it is amazing because you are creating alternative ways in the form of recycling trash cans where people can store their recyclable waste.

Staff and teachers also need to be more careful with their waste to encourage students in these activities.

2. Bike Rental Project

This might sound like just a fun extra project to do —which it is, but there is a reason it is great for climate sustainability, and here is why.

Cars and other fuel-powered vehicles are the biggest causes of pollution in our world today. They emit poisonous gases such as carbon monoxide that get into the atmosphere and, in turn, cause a lot of damage.

These gases have been known to be the root cause of many health problems in humans and is also one of the reasons for global warming and why our climate is changing.


We all know it is every student’s dream to have a car, but unless it’s solar-powered, it is a danger to your life. Solar energy, in all of its many forms and applications, has extended the reach of human civilization immeasurably. You should learn more about how solar energy has enhanced our lives.

Approach the university for assistance, because before telling students to ditch their cars, you need to find alternatives to help them. Bikes have no gaseous emissions, so they don’t pollute the atmosphere or cause climate change. Healthwise, they help to improve blood circulation as they are a form of exercise.

3. Sustainable Lighting

This is another project you can easily take on to create awareness on sustainability. We all grew up seeing incandescent light bulbs in our homes, and to an extent, it is what we are used to. We need to learn, however, that these bulbs are bad for the environment. Not only do they run on high electricity consumption, but they also emit heat and carbon dioxide gas which is detrimental to human health.

sustainable lighting

Invest in LED bulbs; not only are these more energy-efficient, but they also generate more power, less heat, and no toxic elements. Universities should replace all campus lights with LEDs to participate in this project. It will help save costs as LEDs are way cheaper.

4. Save Paper

Trees provide food, shelter, and resources to thousands of animals in nature, but daily, hundreds of these trees go down to make papers. There are millions of students worldwide who have been using this paper for the longest time. Schools should go digital and encourage the use of electronic devices to take notes, so there would be no need to waste more paper.


5. Eat Healthily

While organic food like vegetables is natural and healthy for you, they also help in the sustainability of the planet. The pesticides and artificial fertilizers used to enhance inorganic food are incredibly unhealthy, and they emit poisonous atmospheric gases. Don’t buy processed food, as you will be contributing to agricultural pollution.



As you can already tell, going green is more than just a trend. To make a big difference, your simple habits and lifestyle must change as every decision matters.

All these sustainability ideas might sound like a lot, but the awareness would spread little by little, and more people would join in the cause for a better world. Till then, let the change start with you.

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