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4 Tips To Make Moving Home Less Of A Stress

Moving can be super exciting yet also a total logistical and financial nightmare. Whilst it’s great to move into a new place and have a fresh start, all of the work that goes with it can give you sleepless nights. The key is to have a plan and be organized so if that’s not always your forte, check out our tips below to help you on your way.

1. Book Your Movers

Removal companies will be your biggest stress or your biggest savior. Do your research early on and look for a business you can trust. Look for a company with same-day freight services for your larger furniture. Make sure you’ve given them your list and packaged up everything properly so that any fragile items are protected. Check out for a great option if you live in the South.


2. Make A List

This may seem obvious but a list will be your best friend if it has been done correctly. Make sure you have an overall, comprehensive list of absolutely everything you’re taking, and then divide the list into which box it will be packed in. If you’re a fan of spreadsheets then jump onto Excel and have each box as a separate tab.

Clearly label each box with a number that correlated to the spreadsheet tab so you’ll know exactly what is in each box without having to even open it. Try to pack like with like, so you’re not throwing your shower gel in with your flatware to avoid confusion at the other end. Protect this list with your life and it will keep the stress at bay.

3. Do Your Admin In Advance

When you arrive at your new place you’ll want to be focused on unpacking and making the home your own. Iron out any admin needed before you move and it will be one less thing to worry about once you get there. Change your address with everywhere important – think the bank, doctors, dentists, the DMV, etc.

Have the postal service redirect your mail for the first few weeks just in case you miss something. Register with new providers in advance so your bills will already be in your name and cancel your contract in your existing home.

4. Keep Necessities To Hand

It’s easy to just pack everything into boxes and forget stuff that you might need for moving day! Have a large holdall or suitcase will all the little bits and bobs you may need such as a small kettle and some coffee (and mugs!) to get you through the day, plus electronic chargers, toilet roll, water, and snacks.


Be sure to remember a small first aid kit or band-aids as it’s easy to accumulate little scratches during all of the physical moving work! It would also be a good idea to find a decent takeout place near your new home so you don’t have to worry about cooking dinner on your first night!

Are you moving home soon? What are your best stress-free moving tips that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “4 Tips To Make Moving Home Less Of A Stress

  1. Glad that you’ve shared your thoughts with us! And the 1st point of booking movers, that’s exactly what must be done for the move to go smoothly. I’ve had my share of moves in my 30 years of age already and always booked man and van services in advance. Those people are lifesavers!

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