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Get to Know About the Audio-Video features in Playerzpot and GetMega

Isn’t it boring to play games without any audio? What if gaming platforms provide audio and video features? Yes, you are reading that right. There are some gaming platforms that provide audio and video features. Playerzpot and GetMega are two such gaming platforms that offer the best audio-video features in their gaming platforms.

Playerzpot and GetMega

It is an online fantasy gaming app that provides you a platform to earn real money by playing different types of leagues and tournaments. It is specially designed for crazy fans who love to show their gaming skills, knowledge and analytical skills.

Playerzpot offers fantasy games and casual games. These games give entertainment and earning at the same time. You will have the choice to choose your players, your team, and your favorable pot. Games such as ludo, snake ladder, rummy, housie, sheep fight, quiz, carrom and many more games. Sports such as Cricket, Kabaddi, Football as well are also listed on these platforms which a user can play whenever he wishes to. Cricket is played by the vast majority of players across these platforms. In this game, you have to use your skill to make a team of 11 members taking players from the Batting, Bowling, All-rounder, Wicket keeper section.

Audio-video feature in Playerzpot and GetMega

You might have observed that cricket and life are quite similar. Every shot is equal to an opportunity, every ball is equal to every minute and every wicket of cricket is equal to an obstacle. The skill of playing cricket can give you life lessons and your love for playing cricket can give you amazing prizes.

Playerzpot is a customer-oriented application which the majority of the time ensures the benefit and entertainment of the customers.it has a reliable, easiest and secure way of payment. With its well-established standard operating procedures and processes, this application has become one of the best management systems for games.

On the other hand, GetMega is also a gaming application. It has only three varieties of games. Card games, casual games and trivia games. Card games include poker and rummy, casual games include pool and carrom and trivia includes quizzes and puzzles. GetMega functions within the Indian legal system following its guidelines, rules and regulations. It only allows users to play and win the rewards through their own skills. GetMega has nothing to do with any guessing game.

The gameplay of GetMega is adapted for maximum entertainment and a fun quotient. The gameplay of GetMega is horizontal based or vertical based.

The GetMega gaming platform has an optimal display, which makes focus on the game without worrying about anything else. It has used vibrant colours that make the key functions easy to identify and easy to use. GetMega accepts only 100% verified profiles and all the features are legal and skill-based games. There is no luck or chance.

No doubt, there are many online gaming platforms that give the opportunity to play amazing games and players get the chance to win real cash rewards.

It is the first RMG platform in India to provide video chat features while playing card games include poker, rummy and Freecell. It has built a platform where safety and security are the topmost priority of the developers. In the card games, the Random Number Generator and shuffle mechanics have been certified by iTech Labs of Australia which ensures the safest gameplay.

Audio-video feature in Playerzpot and GetMega

The Audio-video Feature of Playerzpot is incredible. The sound is present as it gives an amazing sound and visual experience. But it doesn’t provide a video chatting feature as of nowSound is present, although video chatting is not available with this app. You can experience the high resolution and quality video and sound which makes the whole process of gaming interesting with friends and even with families.

GetMega is the only real money gaming platform in India that allows video-chat features. You can view high-resolution video and HD quality sound while playing with your friends. GetMega allows more than 8 games that can be played with video-chat features. This feature makes it the best game to play with friends & family as it gives a secure environment with the thrill of real money gaming.

Features of GetMega

GetMega is the first real money gaming platform in India to provide video chat while playing Rummy and other games.


The audio-video feature is not necessary but if it is installed in any application, then it attracts users. It gives an amazing experience to the players. It also makes the game interesting to play and can be even watched without any boredom. We have given the details of the audio-video feature of Playerzpot and GetMega. Also, we have provided you with some additional details of both gaming platforms which will help you in deciding which app you can prefer for yourself. If in the end, you want entertainment and an interesting game, then you should go with GetMega as it provides both audio and video features.

Having difficulties with deciding how safe are real-money fantasy sports apps? Try Playerzpot now to experience top notch security of gaming apps! With its extensive verification system and RNG certifications, the app offers best privacy protection. Play games and earn big money without any worries with Playerzpot now.

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