How Conveyancing Solicitors Save You from Property Frauds

How Conveyancing Solicitors Save You from Property Frauds

Nowadays, property selling can be a rather stressful process. There are a lot of legal technicalities to handle, which not many people can fathom.

Plus, these days, many people try to fraud into your property selling process. This is also known as Conveyancing fraud, and if you are not careful, you can land into severe trouble. However, solutions are always at hand.

You can consult a conveyancing solicitor as he tackles this arduous task for you. Here we will tell how a conveyancing solicitor helps you in property dealing.

Reviewing the documents of sale

It is the job of Conveyancing solicitors to review all your sale deeds and documents for you. They contact the other party’s solicitors and see if all the papers are correct.

After checking the documents, if they feel there is any kind of discrepancy, the solicitor will come and discuss it with you. In case any changes are required, they will contact the other party and negotiate a settlement.


Property checks

If you are a property buyer, you will not choose anything in a hurry. You will need someone to check whether the property has everything legal. Apart from that, you also need confirmation that you are not making a gross error by buying this property. This will also include any local identity check processes that need to be accomplished.

Securing the mortgage

Sometimes you need to secure a mortgage for your property. In such a situation, we check the mortgage agreement and see if everything is ok. We also value your property and secure the building insurance if it is required.

Signing sales contracts

A conveyancing solicitor will also help you in signing your sales contracts. You can be rather hasty while signing the contracts. This is also the situation where the chances of property fraud are relatively high. If the solicitor is there, he will check all the papers. You can trust his judgment and then only proceed with the signing.

Exchanging contracts

Here the other party can provide you a different contract and maintain a different one for themselves. The conveyancing solicitor will check all the documents exchanged are identical. This will minimize the chance of someone trying to take advantage of the deal taking place.

Registering the change of ownership

Now that the property is being sold, the change of ownership needs to be registered. The solicitor will do that for you. All you have to do is to support the solicitor with the entire registration process. If needed, he can also send a copy of the title deeds to the mortgage lender.

How Conveyancing Solicitors Save You from Property Frauds


Your property selling is something that requires a lot of precision. If you do not want to take the burden on yourself, entrust the same to a conveyancing solicitor. With the assurance of a reputed solicitor, your property jobs are finished quickly and with no hassles.

You will get your property to work smoothly just by spending a small amount. That is what makes the process of property handling safe and reduces the chances of anyone doing fraud with you.

Salman Zafar

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