Tips to Find Gym Equipment Replacement Parts

How to Find Gym Equipment Replacement Parts

People who exercise regularly often become frustrated when their favorite piece of gym equipment breaks down. They must call and wait for a repair technician to come to the home and troubleshoot the problem, or so they believe. However, many problems are easy to fix at home.

Before making this phone call, try the following steps. The problem may be simple, and the machine can be up and running again quickly so regular workouts can continue. Have a number or website on hand so it is easy to get gym equipment replacement parts as well. Having this information available makes the repair process simpler.

Troubleshooting a Treadmill

The belt and deck on the treadmill must remain clean, as these machines make use of a low-friction, high-efficient deck. Unplug the machine and clean the frame and belt edge with a damp cloth. Apply lubricant to a towel and wipe the belt down to reduce friction. In addition, vacuum under and around the treadmill. Otherwise, dust, dirt, and hair can make their way under the machine, blocking the air inlets. They can also make their way into the motor and do damage.

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At times, the treadmill belt may move off center. When it does, the belt no longer runs straight. Adjusting the belt is often enough to fix the problem. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, the belt needs to be replaced.

Stair Steppers and Ellipticals

When an elliptical or stair stepper starts squeaking, tighten all nuts and screws and lubricate the machine. This may get the machine working properly again. If the display isn’t working, check the plug first. Next, move to the outlet and the safety switches on the machine. Finally, unplug the machine and see if the console connections have come loose. While the machine is unplugged, also look for broken parts or unsecured pieces.

Exercise Bikes

Many owners believe they can fix their exercise bikes because they work on their street or mountain bikes. However, most problems with a home gym exercise bike call for professional repair. If the belt is broken, the owner can probably repair this. Remove the plastic casing, pull off the damaged belt, and thread the new one through the machine, following the same configuration as the old belt. Jerky or stalled resistance on the bike usually means mechanical elements used to create the resistance are damaged. This requires the help of a professional.

Tips to Find Gym Equipment Replacement Parts

Weight Machines

An owner must take care when replacing any parts on a weight machine, and safety must be the priority. Any portion of the support structure should be replaced rather than repaired. If the slat or padded portion of the bench breaks, keep the bench structure and replace the broken part. This involves removing the slat and attaching a new one with the proper bolts.

After completing the repair, test the bench for stability. This must be done with weights to ensure it will hold up. If any piece wobbles or is loose, tighten the bolts before testing the bench again. Never use a weight machine that isn’t safe.

If any questions arise during the home exercise equipment repair, call for professional help. Nobody wants to sustain an injury when they are working to stay healthy. With the right help, this concern can be eliminated. However, try basic repairs at home. A person who does so will find they can often save money and use the funds they didn’t turn over to a technician to invest in more equipment.

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