Myths and Truth about Eco-Friendly Epoxy Floors

It turns out that among the general public there is indeed such a fear, which is why many people refuse to make such a beautiful flooring at home. But in fact, among all the reactive plastic resins that we breathe every day (you just need to leave home), epoxy resins are the most harmless. In their solid state, they are absolutely environmentally friendly. Of course, heating is as undesirable for them as for an ordinary natural tree, which in such conditions emits resins.

Well, Southern Illinois Epoxy provides list what exactly possible evaporations today frighten some and give birth to many myths:

  • It irritates the skin and mucous membranes, causes bronchitis and has a bad effect on the vascular system.
  • They can cause severe asphyxiation.
  • If you breathe long, the process of hematopoiesis will be disturbed.
  • If it hits the eyes, it will reach the necrosis.
  • Polyethyl polyamine will get on the skin – will be very unpleasant sensations.

But all these volatile substances in the amount of 3-5% are released only when the floor layers are applied! During the polymerization, they are completely released, and exactly one week later, they are not even traces in the room. This is when an epoxy floor is considered 100% environmentally friendly and safe even for children. And before that, you should protect your eyes, lungs and skin. It is also important that you seek assistance from professional epoxy floor contractors to guarantee the safety of the people inside your home,  and expect a high quality installation on your floor.


Yes, polymer floors do not consist of natural materials, but they are very close to them by their sanitary characteristics. You can always learn about this from the certificates of quality. Although it is worth noting that among epoxy floors there are brands that can fully guarantee safety even during the work itself.

How to fill such a floor by yourself? The essence of the process is very simple: first the base is prepared, which should be firmly grabbed with the base layer, and epoxy resin is already poured on it. And it dries quickly enough. And it no longer smells.

Chips, flocks and sequins: how to create a masterpiece?

If your interior design, though beautiful, but monochrome flooring does not fit into the idea, then you can easily do even at the filling stage decorative. Thus, the easiest way is to use different mixtures: flocks, glitters and acrylic “chips”. With their help, you can give the filler floor any texture, even marble.

Flocks for this floor are monochrome and two-color, in the form of straws or scales, or even as glitter. Most often for residential premises epoxy floors are filled with flock “mixes” of pastel colors.

Glitters today are used holographic, aluminum, polyester and iris. The most beautiful of them are polyester: gold, silver, blue, red and green shiny particles of special hexagonal shape. But iris-glitters are iridescent shimmering particles of different colors. Such glitters may be in the form of hearts, stars and crescent moons. Everything is to your liking! Note that there is also a difference in the fact that chips always fall apart on the base polymer layer, and glitters can also be applied to the finish lacquer.

Salman Zafar

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