how to fix leaky gutter issues

Strategies for Fixing Leaky Gutters to Prevent Costly Water Damage

Just picture this: You wake up on a rainy day, and the first thing you see when you open your eyes are yellowish water stains on your ceiling, looking like a deformed halo. It feels like a nightmare, doesn’t it? To prevent it from turning into reality, it’s worth scheduling gutter leakage repair services once you spot any minor issues like peeling paint. Gutter problems are amongst the top ten causes of roof leaks and culprits of big-ticket home repairs. And you hardly want to spend your vacation budget on that.

The most common issues caused by leaky gutters

Even though a damaged gutter is a problem by itself, it is only the tip of the iceberg. If you turn a blind eye to it, you’ll have to deal with many nerve-wracking and costly repairs over time. The list of potential issues includes but is not limited to:

Structural damage

Leaky gutters fail to reroute rainwater off the roof and away from the house, meaning it can flow into your home’s foundation and weaken its structural integrity.

how to deal with storm damage of roof

Wall damage

Overflowing water can spill onto the walls, leading to peeling paint or discoloration. Not only does it undermine the integrity of your cladding system, but it also decreases property value.

Basement flooding

Rainwater can pool up around your building and seep up through your basement floor. As damp surfaces can easily become home to mold spores, you may have to handle structural and health problems. So, the cost of gutter repair will seem like a great deal.

Landscape damage

Stormwater runoff can erode the soil and damage your garden and paths. Thus, you may wave bye to manicured lawns and picture-perfect driveways.

How to spot roof gutter leaks early on

Preventing or nipping gutter issues in the bud is cheaper than dealing with their consequences. That’s why you should pay attention to your roof drainage system regularly and sound the alarm at the first sign of leaks.

You can stay proactive by contacting gutter contractors near you and scheduling inspections and cleaning services twice a year (spring and fall), especially if many trees surround your house. Professionals can help you spot leaks before they become a major issue.

How to Know When Your Roof Needs Replacing

If you have noticed that your gutters are sagging or pulling away from the building, it could mean they are full of water that can’t escape because of blockage or leaks. To double-check,  you can look for stains inside and outside your house along walls and under the roof where the gutters are installed. Damp surfaces and peeling paint are telltale signs of leaks.

Effective gutter leakage repair: What and how to do

Even though hiring professionals is always a more advantageous option, you can try to fix everything yourself too. First off, make sure you have the following tools at your fingertips:

  • Gloves
  • Putty knife
  • Drill
  • Rubber sealant
  • Plastic scouring pad
  • Isopropyl alcohol (IA)

Know if your gutters are clogged

As blockage is the most widespread problem that makes rainwater spill over the gutter’s sides, it’s worth starting with it. Get up on a ladder to examine your gutters. If they are chock-full of leaves, pine needles, and other debris, cleaning can help fix the leaking problem (spillover, in fact). You can use either a gutter scoop or work with your gloved hands to remove the blockage.

Seal joints

If cleaning didn’t help, check your gutters for cracks. As joints tend to become weak spots over time, pay heed to them. If damage is not extensive, sealing can help prolong the lifespan of your gutter system for the next season. Squeeze a rubber gutter caulk or sealant into cracks and brush it along the seams from each side. Please note that it’s a temporal roof gutter leakage repair solution.

how to fix leaky gutter issues

Tighten up loose gutters

Sagging is a common gutter issue that can be easily fixed if your gutters are not damaged. Check all the fasteners (clips, brackets, or spikes) if they are loose or rusted. If you’ve found missing or broken ones, replace them with brand-new options. You can buy everything you need in the nearest hardware store. Pay attention to the right size of fasteners. While spikes should be 7-8 inches long, screws that are holding clips are usually about 2 inches.

To save the bother of fixing, provide proper maintenance

Even if you can afford the gutter leak repair cost, you hardly want to shell out for professional services once in a while. That’s why maintaining the ‘health’ of your gutters is a smart move. To make things easier, you can install leaf guards and schedule regular checkups. Plus, you can devote time to examining downspouts, as they can also be clogged with leaves and other debris. Generally, the frequency of inspections and the amount of effort you need to put into maintaining the gutter system depends on the local climate and the number of trees near the house.

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