The Real Reasons You Should Know Your Personality Type

Reasons To Know Your Personality Type

While there’s an endless stream of questionnaires online that will quickly tell you what type of pastry you are, the Myers Briggs personality test is intended for more than merely your entertainment. This personality test is often used by employers and hiring personnel to determine whether or not a candidate’s personality type is a good […]

How to Decide Which Course to Study at University


Picking a university course to study can be a difficult decision to make, especially when you have lots of different interests and passions. Nowadays, every university seems to offer hundreds of different courses. Even if you have a vague idea about what you’d like to study, you’re presented with several course choices that are very […]

Primary Factors To Consider When Picking A Career

what to consider when picking a career

It’s understandably overwhelming to choose a career. This is a big decision that will impact every aspect of your life going forth, so you want to find a path that you’re content with long-term. Even though you can make a career change, later on, you will then have to re-enter student life as an older […]