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Things to Consider Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

Homeowners love to plan renovation projects. They may not be as thrilled once the work begins because they have strangers in their homes. The remodeling project disrupts their normal lives and is costly. 

By considering certain things before your bathroom renovation, you can ease the process. What should every homeowner know before tackling a project of this type? 

The Essentials

Start with the essentials. Every bathroom needs a toilet and a sink, at a minimum. Once it has been determined where these two features will be placed, the homeowner can begin adding other items. 

This may be a vanity to go with the sink or the homeowner might wish to install a bathtub or shower. The space available determines which features appear in the room, but the homeowner should always start with the essentials and plan around them. Read this article if you want to know how to setup a chic vanity in a limited space.

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Consider Electrical Needs

Many homes today feature 15-amp wiring. The regular use of appliances, such as hair dryers, can do harm to this wiring. Now is the time to upgrade the wiring. 

Make the switch to GFCI outlets and have the electrician upgrade the wiring at the same time. Consider installing a dedicated 20-amp circuit along with additional outlets for the electrical items regularly used in the bathroom. 

Determine a Reasonable Timeline

People often think it will only take a few days to renovate a small bathroom. It actually takes as long as a bigger bathroom because much of the same work must be done in the room regardless of its size. 

In addition, planning the project must be incorporated into the timeline, and this part of the process should actually take longer than the actual work. Any changes to the plan after the work begins will be costly. 

When creating this timeline, account for the time needs to order and receive materials. Furthermore, consider what the family will do if the home currently only has one bathroom and it is undergoing renovations. 

Upgrade the Plumbing

If possible, upgrade the plumbing in the bathroom. Most residential plumbing systems feature 1-1/2″ pipes for drains. The amount of hair and debris making its way into the drains is more than most people imagine. 

Speak with the contractor or plumber to determine if 2″ drain pipes are feasible. The cost to upgrade is minimal, and many homes will accommodate a larger drain. This depends in large part on the framing of the home. 

Flooring Options

When comparing flooring options, choose one that is slip-resistant. Bathrooms get wet, and nobody wants to have a fall as they are climbing out of the bath or shower. Consider small tiles with wide grout lines because this creates friction while helping to reduce the risk of a fall. 

Another option to consider is electric heated flooring. This flooring sits under the tile and ensures the feet stay warm on cold winter days. Consider budgeting for this feature, as it helps to make any bathroom feel luxurious. 

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Adequate Ventilation

Bathrooms need adequate ventilation. Without this ventilation, the moisture levels in the bathroom would quickly become an issue. Choose a quiet fan that won’t wake the household when someone goes to bed at night, and select one that runs on a timer once a person exits the shower. This ensures all moisture is removed from the room before it turns off. 

These are only a few of the many things a person needs to think about when renovating a bathroom. Work with a reputable contractor to ensure nothing is overlooked. With the right person in charge of the project, it should go smoothly from start to finish. 

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